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Stylight is the world’s leading online search platform for Fashion, Beauty and Design. We help users search through more than 1,500 online shops and 50,000 brands at once.

We are based in Munich, Germany and have been operating for more than 12 years, in 15 different markets worldwide and visited yearly by 120 million shoppers, whose consumer behavior is regularly analysed to identify the most popular brands, products and trends online.

We share the insight collected from our users on Stylight Insights, a page targeted towards press and industry experts. We publish data-driven reports based on the real-time shopping data gathered from our millions of shoppers. Our data enables us to predict seasonal trends and measure the impact of news-worthy events on online shoppers.

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shoppers have used Stylight in the past year. 

We analyze the shopping behaviour of our users, and publish our findings in our Stylight Insights reports.


partner shops made up of globally renowed retailers and brands are at Stylight.

This world-class selection enables us to measure the interaction of our users with both luxury labels such as Gucci and Off-White, as well as online retailers such as Amazon or ASOS.


brands are available at Stylight. 

From independent to world-renowned, we offer a diverse collection of brands that reflect the wide variety of styles and tastes of our shoppers.


different global markets are available for online users to browse and shop in via Stylight. 

This allows us to fine-tune our analysis based on specific countries and locales. There’s no doubt about it, each country has its own unique shopping style!


of Stylight users are female.

Females are representing the majority of our total customer base. Male shoppers are still an important demographic, representing 35% of our shoppers.


is the age range of the majority of our shoppers.

25-34 is the age range of the majority of our shoppers. 18% are between 35 and 44 years old.

Our partner shops include the world’s biggest
brands & retailers

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We offer a variety of reports,divided into different segments depending on the focus or use case. These reports include industry recaps, trend forecasts, celebrity and pop-culture impact analysis, co-branded reports with external partners as well a category specific insights.

Stylight NOW

Relevant e-commerce data on hot trends in Fashion, Beauty, and Design that are happening right now! Our Stylight NOW reports deliver real-time fashion data so you don’t miss out on viral happenings in the world of fashion and beyond.

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Trend Reports

In our trend reports you’ll find predictions on up-and-coming fashion trends, info on how celebrity style influences shopping behavior, the most sought after beauty products, as well as retrospectives on which were the most popular fashion brands of the year.

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