After two years of Corona and an infinite number of canceled weddings, more couples in love are saying “I do” to each other in 2022 than ever before. According to Forbes magazine, some 2.6 million couples will walk down the aisle this year. That’s more than ever in the last 40 years.

We now present the most important fashion trends for weddings – for brides AND for guests. We have divided the various trends into four styles. From cool and unconventional to a dreamy, romantic fairytale look, the styles for weddings in 2022 leave nothing to be desired. We might almost say a loud “Yes – I do” to these looks.


Pearl headbands

Headbands with a veil


Slip dresses


Square necklines

Puffy sleeves

Crystal jewelry

Evening gloves


Tulle dresses



Flower appliques


Two-piece outfits

Mini dresses

Bright suits

Pearl chokers


Brides                Guests


While the Roaring 20’s may have been a century ago, we’re seeing its comeback for wedding fashion trends this year. Effortless slip dresses and feather add-ons are bringing a vintage vibe to the 2022 wedding season, for both brides and guests. Hair accessories like pearl headbands and even headbands with veils have also seen an increase in interest this year. These wedding looks remind us of icons like Greta Garbo and Joan Crawford, transporting us back to a time of flappers, jazz, and speakeasies.

>1000% increase in click for pearl headbands on Stylight

+21% increase in clicks for headbands with veil on Stylight

+200% increase in search interest for “feathers” on Google

+36% increase in clicks for slip dresses on Stylight


Brides                Guests


Diana – the everlasting style icon. We can attribute some of the big wedding trends to her and as we remember the timelessly, beautiful princess from Great Britain, Diana’s ruffled wedding dress with extra big puffy sleeves gets a modern twist for this year’s wedding trends. While brides can give their wedding dress that extra something with more subtle puffy sleeves like the styles at Kaviar Gauche, guests are welcome to go for the eye-catching XL puffy sleeves.

A trend that is relatively new to the wedding scene is square necklines for dresses – and we could see this cut often on the enchanting Diana as well. The Berlin designer Kaviar Gauche likes to combine the two trends in their wedding dresses: Puffy sleeves and a square neckline.

Rounding out the perfect look for weddings this year are evening gloves – very Princess Diana-esque. These can be transparent and thus make a very delicate appearance for the bride’s look or, in the case of guests, make a statement and turn to print or bold colors. As a small add-on, we will see crystal jewelry again, as well one of the biggest 2022 jewelry trends – pearls. Nothing stands in the way of a royal wedding look.

+28% increase in clicks for square necklines on Stylight

+37% increase in clicks for puffy sleeves on Stylight

+593% increase in clicks for crystal jewelry on Stylight

+22% increase in clicks for evening gloves on Stylight

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Brides                Guests


The wedding is a magical moment for everyone involved – from the bride and groom to the guests. both bride and groom and guests alike. And that’s why many of us emphasize this sense of magic by opting for an ethereal and romantic style, choosing looks that remind us of fairytale princesses or woodland nymphs. Tulle dresses, bows, floral appliques and corsets that accentuate the waist and curves; these are some of the elements that have seen an increase on Stylight confirming that this fairytale aesthetic is perfect for both the bride and her guests and is in vogue for the 2022 wedding season.

+20% increase in clicks on tulle dresses on Stylight

+225% increase in clicks for corsets/bustiers on Stylight

+116% increase in search interest for “bows” on Google

+250% increase in search interest for “flower applique” on Google


Brides                Guests


Even before the global pandemic, brides were turning away from classic weddings and extravagant dresses. The trend has only become stronger with the increase in micro weddings due to restrictions. In the wake of the crisis, today’s brides are continuing to break the mold and want to emphasize their individuality, opting for looks that reflect their own personal style and the latest fashion trends. Our latest aesthetic is the unconventional style. While the blazer or suit remains one of the most popular unconventionally chic looks, in 2022 we have seen a resurgence of mini dresses and two-piece ensembles. In terms of accessories and jewelry in particular, modernity is taking over: the choker chain is one of the biggest trends of the year.

+31% increase in search interest for “two-piece outfits” on Google

+28% increase in clicks for mini dresses on Stylight

+125% increase in search interest for “bright suits” on Google

+20% increase in clicks for pearl chokers on Stylight

About this Report

The data for this report is based on the analysis of the search and shopping data of the 160 million annual Stylight shoppers. The data was compared for the period Jan. 1 to Feb. 22, 2022, with that of the prior-year period. Since some trends could not be matched with our internal data, we additionally analyzed the search interest in Google collected at the beginning of February 2022 vs. the beginning of February 2021. All trends mentioned are fashion trends for guests of weddings this year, as well as for brides 2022.