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Summer 2020

Hopeful shoppers are getting ready for summer, with tube tops, macramé bags, and bermuda shorts

Spring 2020 has definitely been an unusual season when it comes to fashion: understandably, shoppers’ interest has shifted towards apparel that can be donned at home, such as activewear and sleepwear. At the same time, however, we are also observing a somewhat optimistic trend when it comes to the purchasing behaviour of our 12 million monthly users: our online shoppers are preparing for better times ahead, and updating their wardrobes for Summer 2020. Not only is swimwear the n.1 most clicked category on this month; we also see our users getting excited for summer styles, even if it means waiting a little longer to wear them. We deep dived into the numbers, and based on the shopping preferences of our users, we were able to extract which will be the most popular summer trends of the year. 


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If by now you don’t have a beige blazer in your wardrobe, you are clearly doing something wrong with your life. This office-wear staple has been trending since 2019, and is definitely a must in 2020: we’ve reported over 1000% increase in clicks globally vs 2019 on Stylight. Chic and versatile, it can be combined with anything from button ups to track pants. As seen on: Hailey Bieber, Emily Ratajkowski.


more clicks on Stylight vs 2019



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The tube-top is an Aughties classic, and it’s coming back in full force. All the it-girls of the moment have been sporting it on red carpets or on the streets, and the Internet has followed: we’ve observed +844% more clicks on tube tops this year vs 2019. As seen on: Rosalia, Zendaya.


more clicks on Stylight vs 2019


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Aside from hanging in our mom’s closet, we never thought we’d be seeing bermuda shorts again. And yet, here we are: it started with biker shorts, and now we’ve got Max Mara doing an entire bermuda pastel collection. Users are on board: Stylight reports +174% more clicks on this trend vs 2019. As seen on: Gigi Hadid, Kendall Jenner.


more clicks on Stylight vs 2019

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We love a vintage vibe, and this trend has “grandma’s doily” written all over it: macramé bags were already a thing in 2019, but definitely won us over in 2020. Stylight has observed an +267% increase world wide on these quirky handbags. The bag that started it all? The very chic Staud Moreau handbag, beloved by celebs and influencers alike. As seen on: Lily Aldridge, Zoey Dutch.


more clicks on Stylight vs 2019


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Slide Sandals

It hasn’t been long since the Adidas slides have left the pool and established themselves on the runway: 2020, however, is the year high-end brands offer their take on this street-style staple. Bottega Veneta‘s version features woven details, while Gucci designed a slide covered in its iconic monogram. Our users love it: we’ve reported +135% more clicks globally vs 2019. As seen on: Dua Lipa, Rihanna


more clicks on Stylight vs 2019


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Gladiator Sandals

If you also own a pair of gladiator sandals from 2009, you’re in luck: greek-goddess sandals are back. Whether mid-leg or ankle high, with buckles or tie-up straps, the it-shoes of the past decade are having a comeback: we’ve observed +112% more clicks globally vs 2019. As seen on: Emily Ratajkowsky, Chrissy Tiegan


more clicks on Stylight vs 2019


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Rose Tinted

If 2019 was the year of the 90s inspired tiny glasses, 2020 will be the year of the very 70s tinted lenses. We’ve reported +597% more clicks on tinted sunglasses vs 2019. Who wouldn’t want to see the world through rose-coloured glasses right now? As seen on: Leonie Hanne, Doja Cat


more clicks on Stylight vs 2019

About this report

This report is based on Stylight’s internal data collected from our 12 million monthly users across our international platforms. The selected period for click comparison is March 2019 vs March 2020. Category ranking referring to swimwear is updated as of 04.21.20. 

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Clara Del Genio