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Festive Looks 2020


The festive styles from 2019 we kicked out, and the 2020 trends we replaced them with 

The festive season is approaching, and whichever occasion you’ll be celebrating, you’re most definitely looking forward to the biggest celebration of all: that 2020 is finally over! Time and again in our reports we’ve highlighted the fact that Covid-19 has drastically changed consumers shopping habits in terms of fashion, beauty etc. And of course, the pandemic has affected festive fashion as well. The various restrictions that have been put in place are going to change our way of partying: no restaurants or bars, and a very limited number of guests. So since celebrating will be done from our own four walls, the outfits we’re picking reflect the new normal too: home celebration means less glam and more comfort. Have a look at the festive styles from 2019 we gave the boot to, and the 2020 trends we’re replacing them with.


Fur Slippers for High Heels

High heels are typically an essential accessory to complete a festive look; but in times of Covid, comfort, and not glamour, is the motto. On Stylight we’ve seen the high heel shoe category experience a decrease in clicks of – 42% compared to 2019; while furry slippers made a triumphant come back, with an increase of +74%.



Slip Dresses for Sequin Dresses

If you’re going to stay at home, you might as well focus on comfort without sacrificing style: while we did report a drop in clicks of -83% on sequin dresses compared to 2019, silk or satin slip dresses are experiencing a +24% growth in interest.



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Silk Robes for Blazer Dresses

Forget about the blazer dress trend that won over our users last year, because in 2020 this cheeky dress style saw a drop in clicks of -71%. What’s trending this year are instead silk robes, which saw an increase in clicks by +31%: equally chic, and definitely more laid back, in line with the whole 2020 mood.


Satin Skirts for Mini Skirts

Silk skirts have been popping up as a sleek alternative to shorter skirt styles already for a while now; but it seems that in 2020 the slit skirt is still conquering our users. We have reported a 40% rise in clicks for this skirt style, while the mini skirt has dropped to -44%.


Xmas Pyjamas for Party Dresses

Even in 2020, our users are still prepping their outfits for Christmas: while the go-to glam look is obviously less requested this year (why dress up when you have nowhere to go?) people still want to show the Christmas cheer through their outfits. How? Via comfy yet festive Xmas pyjamas! We’ve seen a rise in clicks for festive-themed pyjamas (+52%) vs a drop for party dresses in general (-77%).


About this report

This report is based on Stylight’s internal data collected from our 12 million monthly users across our international platforms. We analysed clicks on different product categories (such as dresses, skirts, shoes etc.) over the period from 1 November to 15 November 2020 and compared the results with data from the same period in 2019, in order to determine an increase or decrease in user interest .

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