The Best Bridal Brands For Millennials

The Millennial Wedding

Based on the shopping preferences of our Millennial brides-to-be, we ranked the best brands for brides right now

Millennials are killing many industries – yet, surprisingly, not the wedding one. At an estimated value of $300 globally (IBISWorld), the bridal retail business is still flourishing. And although Millennials are less likely to tie the knot than older generations, the average age to get married is still between 25 and 30, according to the US census.

So yes, Millennials do want to get married: but they do it on their own terms. Shifting behaviours have led to significant changes in the industry. According to a newlywed survey conducted by WeddingWire, 80% of wedding planning is conducted online, with 35% of millennials relying on the Internet to check out wedding dresses and attire.

And there’s more: Millennials spend on average $10,000 more than Gen Xers on their wedding, but prefer to invest in the experience rather than the attire, with dresses ranking only 11th on the expense list. Katarina Sabljic, owner of Dukata Weddings & Events, can only confirm: “The trend we’re seeing is that Millennials are willing to spend most of their budget on anything that would set their wedding apart from the rest. It’s all for the “Gram”.”

What we see on Stylight aligns with these findings: not only did we report a +351.8% increase in clicks on wedding dresses globally throughout the course of 2019, we also determined that the average price of top clicked wedding dresses is only about $890. Turns out, more brides-to-be resort to online shopping when it comes to saying yes to a dress, and favour affordable options to expensive designer gowns.

And what about sustainability? As Millennials grow more concerned about preserving the environment, they are now starting to integrate eco-friendly solutions into their weddings too. “We do see an increase in e-invites instead of traditional paper invites, and of couples using eco-friendly transportation for the big day”, says Katarina. On Stylight, we see this shift happening for what concerns wedding attire. Rather than picking out a dress to only wear it once, Millennial brides choose modern styles that allow them to recycle the outfit. 71% of our top clicked wedding dresses can be easily re-worn in other occasions: and around 20% are non-white gowns, with nude, light rose’ and taupe as top alternative colours. 


More and more brides-to-be chose to shop for their wedding dress online, with an increase in the category surging on Stylight


Millennials brides prefer affordable dress options to expensive ones


Millennial brides favour modern styles that allow them to recycle the outfit. Our top wedding dresses can be easily re-worn in other occasions


Apart from white, the most popular colors are nude, taupe and pastel pink

Top Bridal Brands for Millennials

These labels offer wedding gowns that are rewearable, under $1000 and sustainable



Considering that ideal Millennial dress is sustainable, re-wearable and under $1000, which are the top online bridal brands for Millennials right now? We ranked some of our best Stylight brands based on these 3 criteria, to select which labels we are sure Millennials brides are going to fall in love with.



Millennial brides favour modern styles that allow them to rewear their wedding dress in other occasions. 



Millennial brides favour affordable options for their wedding attire – ideally under $1000.



Millennials have the environment at heart – especially when it comes to shopping. 


Reformation is hot right now: Stylight reported a +105.39% increase in clicks globally at the beginning of 2020, as well as it being one of the top green brands of 2019. For millennial brides, the label checks all of our boxes: not only is its bridal line sustainable, it also offers a wide range of modern styles that can easily transition into occasion wear, and all well within the $1000 budget.

Millennial brides will love it because:


The Verbena dress is the top clicked Reformation gown by our millennial brides. With a nude hue and ruffle detail, this gown is perfect for walking down the aisle – or looking gorgeous at a cocktail party.

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With clicks on the brand growing by 22.83% at the beginning of 2020, it’s safe to say that Millennials are used to buying everything from Asos already. So why not a wedding gown? Asos’ wedding line is perfect for the price-savvy bride looking for a trendy gown she can wear again and again.

Millennial brides will love it because:


The top clicked wedding gown by Asos is just under $200. From afar this gown might look pretty traditional, but looking closely you will realize it’s actually a “very millennial” crop top + skirt combo.

Self Portrait

Han Chong’s label is known for its distinctive lace designs, and the bridal line, which debuted on Net-a-Porter in 2016, maintains this delicate aesthetic. As overall interest for the brand grows, with a global increase in clicks of +99.6% in January, we think the label carries the perfect repertoire of wedding gowns for the unconventional millennial bride. 

Millennial brides will love it because:


This delicate lace dress is the most popular wedding gown by Self Portrait. This laid-back yet feminine style easily transitions from a wedding ceremony to a romantic night out.

Les Rêveries

The New York label’s popularity is growing, with +90.10% more clicks globally at the beginning of 2020. The brand launched its bridal capsule collection in 2019, with a wedding attire line that encapsulates the label’s spirit: chic, relaxed, wearable.

Millennial brides will love it because:


The top clicked gown from Les Rêveries bridal capsule is perfect for the non-conventional bride.

Rejina Pyo

Emerging talent Rejina Pyo is not known for her wedding designs – her namesake label actually does not carry a bridal line. However, we still believe the brand offers the perfect dresses for the millennial bride, with occasion wear that is fashionable and modern. We reported a +56.17% growth in clicks globally for Rejina Pyo clothing at the beginning of 2020.

Millennial brides will love it because:


We can see why millennial brides would love the Renee dress from Rejina Pyo: the puffy sleeves are so 2020, and it retails for just under $900. Plus, it has pockets!

About this report…

This report is based on Stylight internal data collected from our 12 million monthly users. The timeframe selected for global clicks on wedding dresses is from Jan 2019 to Dec 2019. Top 600 wedding dresses analysed have been ranked on clicks, for our focus markets (US, DE, IT, FR), with timeframe selected ranging from Jan 2019 to Jan 2020. Brands were selected based on stated criteria. The top wedding gown per brand has been selected based on clicks for timeframe ranging from Jan 2019 to Jan 2020. Any other external data has been duly referenced within the report. 

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