The 7 Accessory Trends for Autumn/Winter 2020 



After analyzing the trends for the hottest boots as well as coats and jackets in autumn/winter 2020, we decided to dedicate ourselves to the highlight of every outfit: accessories! We have investigated which accessories will enhance our outfits from head to toe during the colder months. And one thing is certain: This season will be eye-catching! We, just like our 12 million monthly Stylight users, are crazy about long, elegant gloves, dramatic cross necklaces and cool Fedora hats. But read for yourself, because these are the 7 accessory trends for fall and winter 2020.



Even though we can’t say goodbye to bucket hats completely, we welcome back an old friend in autumn: the felt or wool fedora. In contrast to the floppy hats we’ve seen often in recent years, these 2020 hats have a wide, structured brim. For an effortlessly cool look, you should go with a fedora with a straight brim and crown. While those of you who crave a more romantic style, can opt for a curved brim like Luisa Spagnoli’s (see photo: green hat). Additionally, this season, hats adorned with a silk ribbon in the same color are very popular, as seen in the autumn/winter runway shows of Etro, Marc Cain, Luisa Spagnoli and Céline. This year, we shouldn’t limit ourselves to beige, black and grey, but also choose hats in pastel colors like soft turquoise, pink or cream.



Bags, belts, necklaces… the hottest accessories of the fashion scene have one thing in common this season: chains. Chanel and Céline presented belts with chain details as well as chain belts with charming pendants in their fashion shows. But this fall, bags will also have chain details, like the popular chain bag by J.W. Anderson. This detail is also very popular at Stylight: In 2020 we saw a 170% increase in clicks on bags with chains compared to 2019.



This autumn accessory trend is the holiest of them all. Dolce & Gabanna have been working for years with the Christian element, which is of great importance in Italian culture. But ever since Madonna’s performances in the 80s, we know that the cross cannot be regarded merely as a symbol of faith. This autumn, cross necklaces will once again be used as a fashion accessory. Especially cool are large and chunky models like those seen at this year’s Chanel show. We at Stylight can also confirm this trend, because in comparison to last year, clicks on necklaces with cross pendants have increased by 112%.

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To brace ourselves for the cold this winter, we introduce an elegant and refined autumn trend: full-length gloves. We have already admired extra-long gloves, usually made of leather, at the fashion shows for autumn/winter 2020/2021 of several fashion houses: Givenchy, Marc Jacobs and Missoni. At Stylight, the number of clicks on full-length gloves has increased by 426% in 2020 compared to 2019.



Once again, Etro presented one of the 7 Autumn Accessory Trends of 2020 in its autumn/winter runway show. This time bucket bags are the hottest accessory of the season, appearing in a wide range of designs. Whether you prefer the soft leather version by Louis Vuitton, the classic Barbie version by Chanel or the structured version with studded details by Etro, this season, it is only important that bags resemble buckets. At Stylight, the demand speaks for itself regarding this trend: Compared to last year we observed 320% more clicks on bucket bags.



Given that 2020 has already reintroduced many retro trends such as the white lace collar or the 80s style XL blazer, it is not surprising that the fall accessory trends 2020 also include a vintage item. The talk is of eye-catching, retro hair clips. On Instagram, brands like Fabrek are experiencing a boom with their selection of pearl and rhinestone hair clips. Compared to last year, we saw a 269% increase in clicks over the previous year for vintage style hair clips.



This autumn, our attention is focused on the middle of the body and how it can be emphasized with a particularly fashionable accessory: wide waist belts. At its autumn/winter show in February, Etro relied on leather belts with large buckles, while Dior favored the XXL version (more reminiscent of a bodice belt) at the Cruise Show in Milan. At Stylight, we also have seen a 137% increase in clicks on wide waist belts compared to last year.

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