Swimwear Styles 2021

According to the browsing data of our 120 million international users, we’ve noticed some styles that have taken the spotlight – this summer there is sure to be a swimsuit style for everyone. The classic black bikini or a simple scoop-backed one piece – it looks like we’ve gone back to basics – classically cut swimsuits that are no-fuss, no-frill, are showing up everywhere with a 316% increase in clicks as compared to last year. Another classic that has been modernized this year is built-in sculptured swimwear.

Reminiscent of vintage styles worn by Brigitte Bardot or Marilyn Monroe, this style beautifully supports and flatters every figure and has seen an increase of +68%. However its not just about simplicity this summer, we’ve also seen an increase in both asymmetric styles (+230%) and cut-out swimwear (+182%). From one-shoulder looks to keyhole bikinis, with so many variations within these two trends there are endless possibilities and variations for one to embrace their individuality


Underwire Swimsuits:

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Swimsuits with cut-outs:

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Asymmetrical Swimwear:

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Basic Swimsuits:

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Swimwear Colors & Prints 2021

It’s time to talk about prints and colors. This year, one of the biggest swimwear trends is color/print blocking: one swimsuit, but with several colors or prints “blocked” together, creating a unique pattern – just like in the collection by the celebrity brand, Reina Olga. On Stylight, we have seen an increase in clicks of well over 1000% for this swimwear category. Another big must-have for summer 2021 are swimsuits with retro prints and patterns – think 70s style paisley or 90s Versace silk shirts. Just like color block swimsuits, this category has also seen an increase in clicks of over 1000%, compared to the previous year.

Gingham is another one of the biggest print trends of the season – this print has already appeared in many spring collections and it’s now making its way into swimwear, with clicks increasing by 132%. The must-have color this year for bikinis is brown – which is definitely a unique color compared to the pastel and neon shades we’ve seen in recent years. Bikinis in shades of this more subtle, natural color saw an increase of 113% in clicks on Stylight, compared to 2020.

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Color Block Swimsuits:

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Retro Print Swimsuits:

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Gingham Print

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Brown color Bikinis:

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Inclusivity & Sustainability

We are happy to report that sustainability and inclusivity are not just temporary trends – these topics are continuing to be a priority for many brands – swimwear included! Here are the top 3 brands that are making waves within the industry.

Casa Raki:

Casa Raki, prides themselves on using recycled materials and ethically producing their pieces in Portugal – as well as making a conscious effort to promote sustainable habits such as reducing waste and repurposing old garments.

Jade Swim:

Black-owned brand Jade swim uses sustainable fabrics to create their simple, yet uniquely elegant pieces. They embrace the slow fashion movement, designing timeless pieces that are not as susceptible to viral trends, as well as producing only a limited number of garments for each collection to reduce waste.


Fisch swimwear is also revolutionizing the industry in their efforts to clean waste from the ocean by using recycled nylon materials,such as fishing nets, to create their beautiful pieces – not to mention they are all handmade in Italy.

About this report

The data for this report is based on the analysis of the shopping and search behaviour of the 120 million annual users on Stylight. To do this, we analyzed the clicks on various the styles, prints, and colors for swimwear categories in the period from January 1 – April 11 2021, and compared it with the data from the same period of the previous year.

written by:

Rebekah Ortquist

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