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It’s that time of year – vacations are booked, the days are getting longer, the weather is getting warmer. And like every year, we’re happy to present the newest swimwear trends! We at Stylight, researched the most wanted styles and colors for both men and women’s swimwear looks for 2023. From retro styles for him to mermaidcore for her, there is sure to be something for everyone this summer.



Let’s start off with a super classic trend – it’s the epitome of the “La Dolce Vita” vibe in Italy, and is going to be one of the most wanted styles for men this summer. All variations of stripes are trendy, but the classic version in blue or red with white stripes is especially stylish this year – in either thin pinstripes or wider stripes. On Stylight this year, the demand for striped swim trunks is 175% higher than last year.


increase in demand for swim trunks with white stripes on Stylight


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Military-inspired looks have been a popular streetwear trend over the years and it looks like for 2023, the trend is moving to men’s swimwear. This year we are seeing camouflage swim trunks – the pattern is usually presented in the typical green/brown tones, but we are also seeing camo patterns in blue, gray or more colorful combinations. On Stylight we are seeing this trend take off, with demand increasing by over 1000% compared to last year.


increase in demand for camouflage print swim trunks


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We all know by now that it’s best not to throw away any old fashion items, because whether we like it or not, every trend comes back eventually. But with this trend, we might need to ask our dads and uncles – because this year, short swim trunks in a retro look are back. On Stylight, the demand for these hot vintage styles is over 1000% higher than last year! The shorter, tight fitting cut of the swim trunks combined with vibrant, neon colors and a light-weight polyester fabric, are really reminiscent of 80’s athleticwear.


higher demand for retro-style swim trunks


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A trend that has usually only been seen on bikinis and swimsuits is taking over men’s swimwear this season: and it’s metallic shimmer. This doesn’t necessarily mean gold and silver tones, but rather a metallic shimmer that can be used on all other colors. This effect is especially trendy on green and blue tones. We’re already looking forward to seeing the sun reflecting off the metallic tones. If you’re looking for these shorts, you’ll find them at Stone Island or CLDP, for example, which offer super hip cuts with a shimmer effect. On Stylight, the demand this year for swim shorts with metallic shimmer is 41% higher than the year before.


increase in demand for metallic tones for swim trunks on Stylight


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With this trend you are perfectly dressed for the day at the beach, as well as the after-party. Because with this trend, we’re going with a matching button-up and shorts – super stylish! You just swap your flip flops for a cool pair of sneakers or classy loafers and you are perfectly dressed to party in the hottest beach clubs. Etro, in particular, is a pioneer for this and has presented this look in the most diverse variations in their Spring/Summer Show 2023. On Stylight, the demand for Etro – the brand with the hottest prints – has increased by 36%.


increase in demand for the brand Etro on Stylight, which presented this style on their SS 23 show.


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Honestly, as a kid who didn’t pretend to be Ariel or wish that they could magically become a mermaid? Well this summer, it’s time to relive our childhood fantasies, because in line with the summer release of the remake of the Disney classic “The Little Mermaid”, mermaid-inspired bikinis and swimsuits are super hot this year. If you’re thinking shell bras and tail fins now, you can breathe a sigh of relief (or disappointment), because the “Metallic Mermaid” trend means shimmering and shiny swimwear in beautiful blues, greens, and coral colors. On Stylight, the demand for shimmering bikinis and swimsuits is already 27% higher than last year.


increase in demand for shimmery/metallic swimwear on Stylight


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With a 20x higher demand than last year, it looks like the scoop neck is going to be the cut of the summer. Rounder, deeper necklines seem to be in popular demand compared to the classic V-neck or triangle shapes. Reminiscent of more retro silhouettes, we’re seeing this style along with low, scoop backs and high-cut legs – which really give us an 80s vibe. And a good thing about this style? Throw on a maxi skirt or a sheer dress and you’ve got an easy beach-to-party look!


higher demand for scoop-neck swimwear on Stylight


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A bit out of the spotlight last year, the ruffled swimsuit trend is back this year in full swing. Ruffles are added to tops and bottoms, creating a playful and feminine look. This trend is perfect for those who want to add a touch of whimsy to their beach look, while maintaining a stylish and trendy aesthetic. On Stylight, we’ve seen a 240% increase in clicks for this swimwear category.


increase in demand for swimwear with ruffles on Stylight




Mini, Micro – we’ve seen miniature versions of the bag and the skirt and now it’s time for the sexy micro version for bikinis. One thing’s for sure, you won’t have to worry too much about tan lines! We’ve already seen Emily Ratajkowski lounging beachside in ultra-skimpy bikini bottoms, as well as other celebs in barely-there micro tops – or why not both? On Stylight, the demand for micro bikinis has increased by over 1000% compared to last year. These will be hot on the beach this summer, regardless of the weather.


increase in demand for micro bikinis on Stylight


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This year, we’re seeing extreme strings take over swimwear – for both one-pieces and bikinis, as well as crazy cut-outs for one-pieces. We’ve seen styles with criss-crossing straps or with long strings that are wrapped around the body – almost like the body chain jewelry we saw last summer. It’s a bold style that we’ve seen paired with other trendy elements, such as high-waisted bottoms, one-shoulder tops. This trend also coincides with the increased versatility and multi-way styles we’ve seen on ready-to-wear looks over the past year.  Cut-outs for swimwear are also continuing to be inspired by streetwear styles and we are seeing them become more and more extravagant. On Stylight, we’ve seen a 43% increase in demand for these styles of swimwear.


increase in demand for swimwear with cut-outs or string details on Stylight


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For this report, as always, we took a look at the search and shopping behavior of the 120 million annual shoppers on Stylight. As a time frame, we examined the clicks from March 1 to April 19, 2023, compared to the same period in 2022.

written by:

Rebekah Ortquist

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