Summer is approaching and with the new season comes different beauty and body care needs. When it comes to finding beauty tips and inspiration, older generations turn to trusted beauty websites or apps, while younger generations clearly prefer social media. And one social platform is pulling ahead of the pack more than ever, and that’s TikTok.

Influencer marketing platform Traackr has just published the results of a study conducted with 50,000 international beauty influencers in their “State of Influence: Beauty 2021” report ( While 2020 was a tough year for sponsored influencer content budgets, they found that Tiktok saw a 164% increase in sponsored posts and a 481% increase in engagements in 2020. TikTok is the only platform to have seen substantial growth in this area while the number of sponsored posts is decreasing on other platforms: -23% for Instagram, 39% for Facebook, and even -10% for YouTube, which was the go-to platform in terms of beauty videos and tutorials up until recently.

But what are the trends and “beauty hacks” that are making the buzz and directly impacting online beauty shopping and the most requested products and brands? We have highlighted the 5 main beauty trends of TikTok to get ready for the summer:

20210504_Tik-Tok-Beauty-Report-Chart_ 20210504_Tik-Tok-Beauty-Report-Chart-ENG-02



286.5 M views for #guasha on TikTok

+700% increase in clicks on jade products on Stylight


755.8 M views for #lipstickchallenge

+69% increase in clicks on NYX Cosmetics on Stylight


187.2 M views for #toners

+785% increase in clicks on toners on Stylight


115.5 M views for #bodyscrub

+262% increase in clicks on scrubs on Stylight


295.5 M views for #ricewater

+210% increase in clicks on Invisibobble brand on Stylight


11.7 M views for #frenchtipnail

+126.7% increase in clicks on bold colored nail polish on Stylight



increase for jade products on Stylight


Gua Sha on TikTok

Say goodbye to dark circles and wrinkles and hello to a radiant complexion. That’s the promise of the Gua Sha massage which is a hit on TikTok and has 286.5 million views for #guasha on the platform. The trend is definitely confirmed on Google Trends as well, with +468% of search interest for the keyword “gua sha” since the beginning of 2021 (03.01.2021 compared to 18.04.2021)

Gua Sha on Stylight

On Stylight, we saw an increase in interest in the facial massage accessories category of over 215%, and a huge spike of over 700% for jade stones specifically.




increase in clicks for the brand NYX Cosmetics on Stylight


The trend on TikTok

The challenge? To have pretty red lips all day long, despite wearing a mask. The lipstick challenge alone has more than 755.8 million views on TikTok, and one product has gone viral: it’s the NYX Shine Loud long-wear lip gloss that resists everything: water, sweat and even the mask. Tiktokers are definitely fans and the brand is a hit on the Internet.

The trend on Stylight

The effect was felt on Stylight platforms: we were able to note a 158% increase in clicks for the liquid lipstick category, as well as 407% increase in clicks for the lip pencil category. The NYX Cosmetics brand is also experiencing a peak of interest with a 69% increase in clicks.

@pamrose_reyesLiptint po ito haha! ❤️ #lipstickchallenge #lipstick #phfashion #fashion #pamrosereyes♬ original sound – Pam Rose Reyes


views for #lipstickchallenge on TikTok

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increase for Pixi’s Glow Tonic on Stylight


The trend on TikTok

TikTok is all about that summer glow. KVD’s Vegan Beauty Good Apple Skin-Perfecting Foundation Balm has been going viral for its matte coverage, 100% recyclable packaging, and 40 different shades – with 66.4M views on #kvdfoundation. Toners have also become a must-have for skincare this year as way to hydrate, soothe and even minimize pores! One of the most popular toners so far this year has been Pixi’s Glow Tonic, with over 202K views on #pixiglowtonic on TikTok. Or you can create the illusion of the perfect summer glow by using a creme blush and blending across cheeks and over the bridge of the nose to create the appearance of rosy,”sun-kissed” skin.

The trend on Stylight 

Stylight has also experienced the hype, with clicks on the KVD brand increasing by +1200%, as well as clicks on Pixi’s Glow Tonic increasing by +300%. Clicks on creme blushes on Stylight have also seen an increase of +38%.


@muanatashaThis blush from @maccosmetics giving me summer vibes 😍 #RelationshipStorytime #foryou #makeup #makeuphacks #blush #viral #draft #fyp #makeuptutorial♬ Hit Different Acoustic Version – The Favourites.


Tik Tok searches on #sunkissed



increase on EOS brand on Stylight


The trend on TikTok

There have been over 115M views for #bodyscrub on TikTok as people are beginning to prepare their skin for summer. And apparently the secret to silky, smooth skin is a good shaving cream. There have been over 194M views on TikTok for the brand EOS. We have also seen a hack for summer ready skin. TikTok says goodbye to using loofahs made from harsh, synthetic materials and instead using exfoliating gloves made from plant based materials to beautifully exfoliate skin and prepare it for that summer glow.

The trend on Stylight 

Body scrubs are trending on TikTok and we’ve also seen a +262% increase in this category on Stylight.  EOS brand has also seen increase of +89% on Stylight. Exfoliating gloves on Stylight have also had a click increase of +84% due to their popularity on TikTok.

@wildpierbeautyIt’s time to upgrade your plastic loofah! #deepexfoliation #deadskinremover #canadiansmallbusiness #loofah #tiktoktutorial♬ Peaches – Justin Bieber


Tik Tok searches on #exfoliatingglove



increase for Invisbobble brand on Stylight


The trend on TikTok

There are many “hacks” and tips to have beautiful hair on Tiktok. One of the predominant trends this spring has been to use rice water on your hair to promote healthy, shiny, strong hair. Use a rice water shampoo bar or simply make it yourself, TikTokers have mastered the technique with the #ricewaterchallenge having more than 69 million views. In terms of hairstyles, TikTok has fallen in love again with the classic scrunchie, which is perfect for laid back summer hairstyles. The hashtag #scrunchies has already reached 945.5 million views!

The trend on Stylight

Unfortunately, we can’t really measure the impact of the rice water trend on Stylight, but the scrunchie trend is definitely verified: we noted a 53.4% increase on the hair elastic category, and the flagship scrunchie brand Invisibobble even saw an increase of over 210% on Stylight in 2021.

@amy_haircareSecrets out 🤫!! LONG, HEALTHY hair for summer! 🤍 ask Qs below! #hairtok #hairtransformation #foryoupage #ricewater♬ Pop Smoke candy shop – EZD


views on #ricewater on TikTok



increase for bold nail polish on Stylight


 The trend on TikTok

If you thought that the French manicure was out of date, think again! Because on the hands of many influencers and TikTokers is the trending funky French manicure – a manicure in French style, but instead of using the classic white for the tip, uses bright colors and all different from each other, creating a rainbow effect. There has been over 11 milllion views on TikTok for #frenchtipnails and over 38 K views on #coloredfrench, proving that this trend is here to stay for summer.

The trend on Stylight

The trend has also had an effect on Stylight. We saw that among the 150 most clicked nail polishes, there was an increase of brightly colored nail polishes by 127% compared to 2020.

@nailartbysigPastel side French tips are perfect for spring 🐰💛#nails #nailart #diy #tiktokfashionmonth♬ original sound – switchdisco


Tik Tok searches on #coloredfrench


This report is based on Stylight’s internal data collected from our 120 million annual users on our global platforms. We analyzed clicks on different beauty brands and categories, over the period of January 1 to April 20, 2021, and compared the results to the same period in 2020. Whenever the selected period of analysis can refer to another time period, it has been duly referenced in the report. We also took data from external sources such as TikTok for the number of hashtags for a given trend, or Google Trends.

written by:

Rebekah Ortquist

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