FASHION x INTERIOR: Are there similarities between FASHION and INTERIOR TRENDS?

A special piece of furniture or an extravagant vase can completely change the ambience of a room. The same goes for unusual pieces of clothing or fashion accessories that can conjure up a completely new look. Many people swear by the classics, while others love to give their home or outfit a unique look through colors or special shapes. We wanted to give our home and our closet a special touch – therefore we analyzed the most important trends of the summer:

We asked the interior experts of the luxury design e-commerce store Artemest, about the most important interior trends for summer 2021- and Stylight did the research to see if these trends can also be seen in the fashion industry.

The following summer trends cover it all: color explosions, curved details, and sustainable design. With these trends, it’s not so easy to decide if we’d rather see the 6 big summer trends in our living rooms or our closets. But why decide? Here are the 6 major interior trends of the summer that we are also seeing in fashion..


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WAVES & Curves

Waves and curves will be particularly celebrated in 2021. In the interior sector, everything that is curvy, curved or wavy is especially popular this summer. The waves can be reflected either in the shape or the print. Whose Instagram feed isn’t full of twisted and curved candles right now?

And although we’ve long been advocating more curves in fashion, this summer jewelry trends are picking up on the trend. Super hip, for example, is the jewelry brand Bea Bongiasca, known for colorful, wavy rings and earrings. This year, demand on Stylight for the Bea Bongiasca brand is 306% higher than last year. And interest has also increased by 19% for dresses with wavy print.


+306% higher interest for JEWELRY brand BEA BONGIASCA on Stylight


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The Color PINK

The color pink isn’t just associated with Barbie anymore. Pink is one of THE trend colors in 2021 – in interior as well as in fashion. It symbolizes a new kind of femininity and stands for neo-romanticism.

While we prefer smoky pink on walls and furniture in the decor sector, we are particularly taken with a radiant and luminous pink in fashion. Compared to summer 2020, we’re already seeing a 59% increase in demand for pink products on Stylight this year.


+59% higher demand for PINK PRODUCTS on Stylight


“One of the most GLAMOUROUS COLORS of the year, PINK has true versatile vibes: it can be SOFT AND CHARMING in its pastel hues or FEMININE and BOLD if more saturated. A perfect pick for spring, this color is not only sophisticated, it can also be a REAL BLESSING for our senses, inspiring calming feelings and reassuring our emotional vibes.”



T R E N D  0 3

COLOR blocking

This summer trend is in stark contrast to the current popular color trend of neutral beige, but after the long (and dull) lockdown for many, we long for variety, color and cheerfulness. Color blocking and contrasting color explosions are very much in vogue for summer 2021: interior and fashion looks will be big, bold and colorful this year.

As we already reported in our 2021 Swimwear Trend Report, swimsuits with color blocking are in high demand (over 1000% more clicks compared to last year). Likewise, the demand on Stylight for jewelry with different colored stones has increased by 35% this year, as well as sneakers in bright colors by 31%. Color blocking has also taken over interior trends – with bold color pairings and contrasting patterns adding brightness and character to any room.


+31% more clicks on sneakers in bright colors on Stylight


+35% more clicks on RINGS with MULTIPLE stones


>1000% more clicks on COLOR EXPLOSION SWIMSUITS


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“Pair together primary color schemes into a SINGLE BOLD STYLE! Offering a strong visual impact, color blocking is a great way to add PERSONALITY and DIMENSION to many looks, combining unexpected colors to create INTENSE CONTRASTS with a touch of avant-garde eclecticism.”



T R E N D  0 4

English TEA Party

One of the trends that we have already seen in 2020 is still very much “in vogue” this year. We’re talking about the English Tea Party style. Baroque flowers, delicate colors and gold ornaments – with this trend we dream ourselves into an ivy-covered country house in Cornwall, sipping on tea and enjoying dainty scones. Fashion-wise, cottagecore is the best way to define this style – it’s all about pearls, delicate flower prints, and cozy knitwear.

We’re already seeing increased interest in beaded necklaces (+14%) and cardigans (+29%) this summer. For floral print garments, demand is up 258% this year.


+258% higher demand for BLUMENPRINT on Stylight


+14% more clicks on PEARL EARRINGS


+29% more clicks on CARDIGANS


“GRANNY CHIC is the style of choice for an authentic English tea party. Featuring FLORAL PATTERNS, delicate HAND-PAINTED DETAILS and gentle touches of SOFT COLOR TONES, this classic style will still look fresh for years to come. Inspired by a juxtaposition between old and new, this theme can be more COLORFUL and FUN or DELICATE and AIRY, while keeping an elegant vibe.”



T R E N D  0 5

NATURAL materials

Another trend predicted by Artemest is sustainable materials. Fashion-wise, we’ve already talked about this trend, but in 2021 sustainability has also become a big topic for interior design. In addition to more conscious consumption, there has been an emphasis on the use of organic material such as wood, linen, wool, sisal, rattan or concrete. Natural materials radiate warmth, security and honesty. Designers from both interior and fashion sectors are focusing on designs that are eye-catching and inspiring, while still keeping the environment in mind.

Also on Stylight, the demand for products with the labels organic (+66%), fair trade (+209%) as well as sustainable (+47%) has increased significantly compared to 2020.


+66% higher demand for “organic” labeling on Stylight


+209% higher demand for “fair trade” labeling on Stylight


+47% higher demand for “sustainable” labeling on Stylight


“Sustainability is not a trend, but a CONCRETE COMMITMENT to create a BETTER TOMORROW. Conscious design aims to REDUCE PRODUCTION WASTE and creating objects with an ETHICAL SOUL, made to last and be re-loved by the next generation. With a CAREFUL CHOICE of materials and an artisanal approach to production, each of these pieces is a step towards environmental sustainability.”



T R E N D  0 6

Made in ITALY

The term “Made in Italy” has always been the epitome of trendiness and quality. On Stylight’s 16 global sites, 37% of the most popular brands come from Italy. And while this may not be a “new” trend, it’s interesting to see that searches on Google for the term “Made in Italy” are 398% higher this year than last. For Italian interior inspiration, head to Artemest to browse a selection of over 1,100 Italian artisans, producers, and craftsmen. The e-commerce store was born to celebrate and preserve Italian craftsmanship and help independent designers and artisans compete in the global marketplace.


+37% of the most popular brands on Stylight are from ITALY


+398% higher demand for “Made in Italy” labeling on Google


About this report

The Italian home interiors and design e-commerce store Artemest is a partner store of Stylight, but no paid cooperation was entered into for this report. All information and trends are based on the know-how of Artemest in the interior sector and Stylight in the fashion sector. Also the external link to the website of Artemest was set without conditions.

The figures are based, as always, on the analysis of the shopping and search behavior of the 120 million annual users on Stylight. We have analyzed the usage data in the period from January 1 to April 21, 2021 and compared it to the same period in the previous year. The data on Google search queries also relates to the period January to April 2021, compared with the same period in 2020.


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