Skincare 2020:
What’s Next ?

CBD, Tech, Superfoods: these 5 trends will dominate mainstream skincare in 2020 

Has skincare become an obsession for Gen Y and Z? With 5.6$ billion in skincare sales generated in 2018 in the US only, it is safe to say so. Driven by science, skincare is no matter of opinion: yet, surprisingly, it is affected by trends in the same way clothing is (I mean, K-Beauty anyone?) However, with an ecosystem that englobes thousands of skincare brands, each striving to achieve unique and innovative formulations for great skin, it is hard to tell which niche trend will actually hit the mainstream market.


We can, however, find some clarity in numbers: looking into the shopping behaviour of our 12 million monthly users, we were able to detect those skincare trends that were picking up steam at the beginning of 2020, and that are therefore expected to boom in 2020. Read below to see what’s next in skincare.

1. Tech & Beauty



more clicks for Foreo’s high-tech facial cleansing devices buzzing on the Internet right now

Along with many others, the skincare industry is becoming increasingly technology driven, with demand surging for tech-powered beauty products that are effective, sophisticated and personalized. That checks all boxes for Foreo, a brand offering facial cleansing devices that are buzzing on the Internet right now: clicks on its cleansers have increased by +465% at the beginning of 2020. Same goes for tech-beauty brand Clarisonic: searches for this iconic face-brush brand grew by +23% at the beginning of 2020. Sorry, jade rollers, we’re moving on up.

2. CBD Infused Skincare



more clicks on Kiehl’s CBD infused skincare line, as customers recognise the anti-inflammatory and antioxidant benefits of cannabinoids

From chocolate to candles, CBD is THE most hyped ingredient right now, and that is also true for skincare. “With more science-based skincare research proving the benefits of CBD, we’re seeing more skincare brands incorporating it into their products.” says Kristen McNeill, Stylight business developer and beauty industry expert. Items that contain CBD, hemp or sativa are indeed becoming increasingly popular among beauty lovers, due to the incredible anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties of cannabinoids. The proof? Google Trends shows an increase of +295% in search interest for “CBD skincare” at the beginning of 2020. Stylight can only confirm the hype: we’ve seen +260% more clicks on Kiehl’s CBD infused line, and a whopping +700% clicks on the Argan and Hemp Seed Glow Oil by Josie Maran, which is slowly turning into a cult skincare item.

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3. Clean Beauty 

Stylight-Skincare-Report-Clean Beauty


more clicks on Briogeo’s natural hair care products, as demand for clean beauty items surges

Driven by health-conscious consumers, clean beauty has become nothing less than a movement: “The skincare industry is becoming more responsive to the fact consumers want to know which ingredients they are putting on their body”, adds Kristen. Indeed, of over 15,000 facial skincare items on Stylight, around 1,250 are marked as clean. Brands that offer organic or chemical-free formulations, or that are just more transparent about their ingredients, are going from niche labels to mainstream suppliers. An example? On Stylight, The Ordinary, known for its transparency and integrity, has registered +260% more clicks by the end of February, with its Natural Moisturizing Factors + HA Hydrator ranking as n.1 most wanted moisturiser globally. Or take the case of Briogeo, natural hair care label, has registered +800% more clicks in the past 5 months.

4. Superfoods 2.0

Stylight-Skincare-Report-Super Food


more clicks for Beekman 1802’s Pure Goat Milk Soap, as beauty lovers grow excited for products containing super-foods

That certain superfoods have incredible benefits for health is no secret: but, when it comes to skincare, consumers seem to be discovering new found appreciation for a range of edible ingredients you would not traditionally associate with beauty. Creams or masks with ingredients you normally store in your fridge are gaining momentum. Take the Lip Sleeping Mask with Berries by Laneige, with over 2,200 5-star-reviews on Amazon, or the Pumpkin Enzyme Face Mask by Peter Thomas Roth, with nearly 36k wishlist saves on Sephora. The alternative-milk-craze is also hitting skincare: Beekman 1802’s Pure Goat Milk Soap reported an incredible +1650% increase in clicks by the end of last month.

5. Anti-Pollution Skincare

Stylight-Skincare-Report-Anti Pollution


more clicks on Dr Barbaras Sturm‘s skincare line, famous for it’s super advanced anti-pollution drops

When it comes to skin, it’s better to be safe than sorry: “As consumers realize that prevention is key to maintaining healthy skin, products containing SPF and the anti-aging ingredient retinol drive up sales for beauty brands” states Kristen. But what comes next? We are now starting to learn that pollution is also strictly linked to premature ageing of the skin, and more skincare labels are developing solutions to help us protect ourselves from these agents. Currently on Stylight, we are offering more than 500 products that possess anti-pollution qualities. And it seems like our online skincare shoppers are getting on board: Dr Barbara Sturm’s skincare line, famous for her super advanced anti pollution drops, grew by +140% in clicks globally at the beginning of 2020; while the Anti Pollution Sunshine Serum by Drunk Elephant has over 70,000 wishlist saves on Sephora.

About This Report

All Stylight data is the outcome of in-depth analysis of the purchasing behaviour of our 12 million monthly users, shopping over 100,000 beauty products available online on Stylight globally. The time frame considered ranges from October 2019 to February 2020, unless otherwise specified. All data sources that do not pertain to Stylight are mentioned accordingly within the report.

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