These are the 6 trends that jewelry lovers invest in in 2020

“Clicks for the jewelry category have increased by +256% on Stylight globally in 2020.”

Jewelry has become one of the fastest-growing categories in high-end fashion, pushing into the sector luxury giants like LVMH, that just last year invested $16.2bn for the acquisition of Tiffany. Thanks to social media, and Instagram in particular, even small emerging labels are able to thrive in this competitive market, with more opportunities to showcase products and reach an interested audience. But with customers feeling unsure about the future, and therefore hesitant to make expensive purchases, will this category meet its fall? Well into 2020, we see that clicks for jewelry on Stylight’s international platforms have increased by 256%, suggesting that interest for this category remains high, maybe due to its appeal as a “safe” long-term investment. We’ve decided to take a closer look at what our 12 million monthly users are buying in jewelry, and reveal which styles are currently the most popular. Here are the 6 hottest jewelry trends of 2020.





For a while, pearls were considered a pretty outdated accessory, but already since last year they have regained popularity. Our numbers at Stylight can confirm that in 2020 pearls have become a jewelry staple: we’ve seen +226% more clicks of pearl rings vs last year, and +161% more clicks for pearl necklaces for the same time frame. The twist? Pearls nowadays are not your typical grandma’s string of fine, round pearls: it’s rather freshwater pearls with an “unfinished” raw feel and an imperfect shape, combined with handcrafted metals or minimalistic shapes. These trendy gold hoops with pearl pendants from Nadia Shelbaya are the perfect embodiment of the 2.0 pearl trend, combining scandi-sleek lines with middle-eastern opulence.

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Chunky chains

If you too love layering your necklaces, fear not: this trend is still alive and well. But already towards the end of 2019 we’ve seen it-girls and influencers shift from fine, dainty necklaces to chunky, “literal” chains. And the Internet has duly responded: we’ve reported +175% more clicks on chain necklaces vs last year, and an astonishing 4378% more clicks for herringbone chains for the same time-frame. With its golden chains, Missoma offers the perfect rendition of this 80s inspired trend.

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Colorful beads

This trend has got us nostalgic of the friendship bracelets we’ve all crafted at some point in our childhood, and that’s probably the basis of its popularity. Made of precious stone or glass, bead jewelry comes in many forms and at different price points, as the trend is embraced by indie labels and fast-fashion giants. So it’s not surprising that on Stylight clicks for jewelry with colorful beads have already increased by 478% worldwide, when compared to 2019.

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Rainbow stones

Already trending in 2019, rainbow stone jewelry is still having a moment, and is perfect for those who crave color. The trend is also quite popular on Instagram, possibly because it represents a fresh alternative to the mono-chromatic gold jewelry that has been widely popular in the past years. This would also explain the peak in clicks for rainbow stone jewelry in 2020, up +1134% vs 2019.

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Animal inspired jewelry

Animal inspired jewelry is definitely for maximalists only, and again seems to be inspired by a wave of new appreciation for 80s trends. Necklaces, earrings and rings representing tropical wildlife are all the rage, especially for fine jewelry, as evidenced by the return of the iconic Bulgari snakes and Cartier‘s revival of the Panther line. With an increase in clicks of well over 1000%, this style of jewelry is one of the top 6 trends on Stylight.

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Stackable rings

The layering trend doesn’t stop with necklaces! Stackable rings are nothing new, but they are again gaining popularity in 2020. Louis Cartier devised the concept of adding one ring on top of the other already back in 1924, with his iconic Trinity ring, composed of 3 separate bands of yellow, white and pink gold. Rings inspired by the Trinity can be seen everywhere on Instagram today, and many brands, such as Stone and Strand, even offer stackable ring sets. On Stylight we’ve reported over +1600% more clicks on the trend since last year.

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The data displayed in this report is based on the analysis of the purchasing behavior of our 12 million monthly Stylight users within the jewelry category across our international platforms. Timeframe selected for anaylsis is from 01.01.2020 to 04.30.2020, and compared to the same time period in 2019.

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