The Gender Fluid Fashion Report

 The hottest items in apparel & accessories, defining a new aesthetic of gender fluid fashion

Blurring lines between menswear and womenswear is nothing new. The androgynous look for women holds a long tradition in fashion; we’ve also seen in past decades male stars dabble with clothing traditionally “intended” for women. It’s only in the past few years, however, that we have seen menswear pushing its boundaries, helping redefine a new notion of masculinity. Many male celebs have worn gowns and heels to red carpet events, or corsets and dresses on the covers of magazines. This shift is not only happening in the celebrity stratosphere: on social media, in advertising, simply in the streets, men have been increasingly wearing clothing or accessories perceived as womenswear. This has resulted in a new aesthetic, that, rather than being labelled as “unisex”, is being referred to as gender fluid. And we’re here for it! We’ve identified some items in apparel, bags, accessories and footwear that have seen a rise in popularity in 2020, and have been spotted on both men and women in the past year. This is the Gender Fluid Fashion Report.



In 2020, iconic handbags have been popular not only among female clientele, but have been spotted on the arms of it-boys too. Take Gucci’s Jackie 1961: on the runway, in advertising campaigns, and in the streets, this jewel has proven popular arm-candy for both genders. The bag has registered a +273% peak in search interest on Google, and a +32% increase in clicks on Stylight. The Dior Saddle Bag has a similar story: spotted on both men and women alike, it’s registered a +376% increase in clicks on Stylight globally. Last, but certainly not least, is the Telfar Shopping Bag: the “Bushwick Birkin”, beloved by rappers like A$AP Ferg, and politicians like Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, has risen in search interest on Google over the course of 2020 by +740%.


Group 2

+32% more clicks for the Gucci Jackie 1961 bag on Stylight (Jan-Apr vs. May-Aug 2020)

+273% increase in Google search interest for the Gucci Jackie 1961 (Beginning of 2020 vs. end of 2020)


+740% increase in Google search interest for the Telfar Shopping Bag (Beginning of 2020 vs. end of 2020)


+376% more clicks on the Dior Saddle Bag on Stylight (Jan-Apr vs. May-Aug 2020)


With more and more male fashion icons borrowing from women’s closets, trends traditionally intended for women are now slowly becoming popular among both genders. Take for instance Gucci blouses: both Kate Middleton and Harry Styles are fans of the Italian label’s elegant silk creations, and have been seen wearing similar pieces with ruffles or pussy-bows on multiple occasions. Is it coincidence that search interest for “Gucci blouses” has increased by +97% by the end of 2020? Other classic gender fluid styles include Gucci cardigans, a staple of their current retro aesthetic: search interest on Google increased by +37%. And let’s not forget the Saint Laurent leopard-print coat, a rock-and-roll piece perfect for it-girls and it-boys alike: search interest on Google for “Saint Laurent leopard” increased by +82% over the course of 2020.


+97% increase in Google search interest for “Gucci blouses” (Beginning of 2020 vs end of 2020)



+37% increase in Google search interest for “Gucci cardigans” (Beginning of 2020 vs end of 2020)


+82% increase in Google search interest for “Saint Laurent leopard” (Beginning of 2020 vs end of 2020)

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It’s impossible to talk about gender fluid accessories without mentioning pearl necklaces, a classic staple of women’s jewellery, spotted on the necks of Harry Styles, Pharrell Williams, ASAP Rocky, and more. Harry’s necklaces in particular often come from jewellery brand Éliou, founded a few years ago, that now has the same amount of followers of Gigi Hadid. Could it be that these celebs contributed to making pearl necklaces a mainstream menswear trend? Over the course of December 2020, Google Trends reported a + 317% peak of search interest for “pearl necklaces for men”. What’s more: on Stylight we’ve reported an increase of +47% for pearl necklaces throughout 2020. Another incredibly popular accessory both in mens- and womenswear is the Prada bucket hat, with a +161% increase in clicks vs 2019.


+161% more clicks for the Prada bucket hat on Stylight (2019 vs 2020)


+47% more clicks for pearl necklaces on Stylight (Jan-Jun vs. Jul-Dec 2020)

+ 317% peak of Google search interest for “pearl necklaces for men” (Beginning of Dec vs end of Dec 2020)


Let’s talk gender fluid shoes, or rather, footwear trends that seem to be all the rage for both men and women, or that might have even started as womenwear trends and ended up in male wardrobes too. First up we have 2020’s it-boot: the Bottega Veneta Tire Boot. You’ve seen this model on the streets and on your feed, on it-boys and it-girls alike. Thanks to the abundance of dupes, this style is affordable at any price point. Over the course of 2020, search interest for “Bottega Veneta tire boots” on Google has grown by over 1000%. Another gender-fluid shoe on our watchlist is the Gucci loafer: with a slight heel and a classic design, it makes the perfect item for any kitsch-chic gender-expansive wardrobe. Over the course of 2020, search interest for “Gucci loafers” saw an increase of +25% according to Google Trends.


Over +1000% increase in Google search interest for “Bottega Veneta tire boots” (Beginning of 2020 vs end of 2020)


+25% increase in Google search interest for “Gucci loafers” (Beginning of 2020 vs end of 2020)

About this report
This report is based on Stylight’s internal data collected from our 12 million monthly users across our international platforms. Timeframe of the analysis may differ per data insight and has duly been referenced in the body of the report. Google search interest is based on data as reported by Google Trends.

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