The icons of 2020: celebrities, it-bag re-editions, sneakers and more

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As much as 2020 held many –many- negative surprises, there is one thing we were happy to see: a wave of excitement for a broader, more welcoming and less stereotyped definition of beauty and style. That’s why our pick for the 10 most influential people in fashion this year includes celebs that did more than just look stylish: they helped redefine an aesthetic, or made waves for bold, unconventional choices that helped break with past standards of what fashion should be. These celebrities were selected based on their relevance, media exposure and social media presence; and since we are at Stylight, we threw in a little extra data for you, analysing the average monthly Google searches these icons received worldwide in 2020.


Harry Styles

2020 was hard, so we turned to one person to make our days better: Harry Styles, the Internet’s unofficial boyfriend. Thanks to his genderless, 70s inspired style, he has helped redefine the notion of masculinity in fashion. In 2020, Harry Styles was searched more than 6 million times a month on Google, which is +234% more searches compared to 2019. 



All hail queen Zendaya: not only is she an extremely talented actress, who in 2020 has become the youngest Emmy winner in the history of the award; she is also incredibly fashion forward, able to pull off innovative, stylish looks – remember the Tom Ford “boob armour” that went viral? Her sense of style and relentless activism has earned her the Green Carpet Fashion Visionary Award. No wonder her name was googled over 4 million times a month in 2020.


Kate Middleton

Kate never stopped being a style icon, but this year she really had a major comeback. In 2020 we saw her wearing some of the most viral looks of the year, from her reused Alexander McQueen gown, to the floral dress by Faithfull the Brand, which right after the appearance grew by +390% in clicks on Stylight. Her mix of affordable brands, sustainable labels and high-end designers makes her a true millennial fashion idol: in 2020, her name was googled over 2.7 million times a month.


Billie Eilish

Aside from being an incredibly talented artist, Billie Eilish also helped redefine what femininity in fashion means; namely, whatever a woman wants it to be! With the intent of reclaiming her own body, she made oversized clothing her signature style; and then flipped the script by wearing tight clothing in the short film “Not My Responsibility” (because yeah, she should be able to wear whatever she wants!). Since 2019, searches for her name have not increased – but remain high at over 13 million per month on average.



Charlie & Dixie D’Amelio

When it comes to influential personalities of 2020, these TikTok stars are bound to be on the list. The two sisters fully embody the Gen Z aesthetic: crop-tops, distressed denim, tie-dye everywhere. Searches for the D’Amelio sisters have grown exponentially (over 1000%) in 2020 vs 2019.


Hailey Bieber

Hailey Bieber’s mix of edge and comfort has made her a true 2020 fashion inspiration: always on trend, everything she wears is destined to be copied by fashionistas around the globe (admit it, you’ve wanted her signature Celine sunnies since day 1!) Google searches for “Hailey Bieber style” have increased by 816% in 2020 vs 2019.



Megan Thee Stallion

Not shy of controversy, Megan Thee Stallion, the queen behind hits like “Savage” and “WAP”, is never afraid to pull off bold looks on- and off- stage. Her style? “Classy, bougie, ratchet”: no wonder searches for Megan on Google grew by 235% vs 2019.


Paloma Elsesser

Paloma Elsesser is one of the most wanted models in the business. A great spokeswoman for women of color and plus size women, she’s walked for the likes of Fendi, McQueen, and Lanvin. She’s one to watch: her name has been googled almost 3x more in 2020 compared to 2019 (+178%).



Ellie Goldstein

Ellie Goldstein, British model with Down Syndrome and Gucci muse, had to be in our top 10 of the year! At a time where the world is longing for a more broad definition of beauty, Ellie is paving the way for unconventional beauty standards in mainstream fashion & media. We love her: Google searches for her name have increased by more than 1000% in 2020.


Emily in Paris

However fictional, Emily in Paris (aka Emily Cooper) has made waves this year: her style, defined by some as “desperately fashionable”, has divided the world, with searches amounting to around 50,000 a month for this controversial fashion icon. On Stylight, we saw a peak of +30% clicks for Chanel worldwide in the week following the release of the series.

OF 2020

Which were the most popular sneaker collections of the year? From Nike Air Force, to Converse Chuck Taylor All Stars, our top 5 most clicked sneaker collections of 2020 include some classic sneakers you probably have bought at least once in your life time. Our users are looking to invest in reliable pieces they can wear again, with the average price of the top 150 sneakers amounting to $248.


Nike Air Max


Adidas Superstar


Nike Air Force


Converse Chuck Taylor All Stars


Nike React

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We’ve seen some interesting collaborations in 2020: Dior x Nike Jordan, Amina Muaddi x Fenty, Kendall + Kylie x Amazon… and a few more that have been announced, but are yet to come out, like NBA x Louis Vuitton. Considering the sheer volume of outstanding collaborations between designers, we were curious to find out the re-sale value on Stylight of some of these limited editions, namely 3 great sneaker collabs that dropped this year. Check out below what we found out.



Adidas Superstar x Prada
Launched Dec 2019

Moncler x Rick Owens
Launched Oct 2020

Dior x Nike Air Jordans*
Launched Mar 2020

 OF 2020

2020 was a big year for it-bag re-editions, relaunched by countless fashion houses. Take Prada, that launched an updated version of its gem collection, the Nylon bag line; or Gucci, that this year presented its iconic Jackie 1961 reissued in different sizes and colors. Fendi also re-released one of its classics, the Peekaboo bag, in a contemporary key, while Balenciaga celebrated the 20th anniversary of its Neo Classic by dropping a modernised version. So at Stylight we decided to find out which of these iconic revisited models generated the most interest among Google users. 



Prada Nylon Bag
Relaunched in Dec 2019


Gucci Jackie 1961
Relaunched in Feb 2020



Balenciaga Neo Classic
Relaunched in Mar 2020


Fendi Peekaboo
Relaunched in Feb 2020


Our analysis is run on internal Stylight data from our 12 million monthly users across the 16 markets in which we are present. Time frame selected is from 01.01.20 to 30.09.20. The celebrities, brands and products selected were based on their relevance, media exposure and social network presence, and average monthly Google search volume from Google Keyword Planner from 01.01.20 to 30.09.20, sometimes compared to 2019 for the same period. It-bag re-edition interest growth is sourced from Google Trends, and measured from the launch date of each specific bag collection to CW41. Average prices of sneakers was based on the top 150 most clicked products in the category. *In this case, resale value estimation has been calculated referring to different online retailers that currently carry the product.

written by:

Clara Del Genio




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