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Which trends and prints got online shoppers excited in 2019?

Mini and maxi, 90s vs 80s, tie-dye and snake print.. 2019 was a year of opposites and extremes, vintage-inspired trends, and extravagant prints. Fashion is always about making bold choices, but this year the Internet really brought it to the next level – as the most clicked and searched trends of the year were quite the show-stoppers. What did online shoppers go crazy about in 2019? Stylight looked at the global purchasing behaviour of its 12 million monthly users to find out which were the most clicked trends and searched prints of 2019. Here’s what the Internet wanted. 

Oh, and before we forget – we also added a seal of approval on the trends that are worth investing in for 2020. You can thank us later.

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Mini / Maxi

maxi coats_2
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#1 Maxi coats

Yes, maxi coats are not “new news”: oversized outerwear has been in demand for quite some years now. In 2019 however, the trend really took on colossal proportions – giant shoulder-pads, extra-long cuts, loose fit, etc. With +138% more clicks vs 2018, this was one of the hottest outwear styles for A/W 2019 – and we expect to see more of it in 2020.

maxi shields_2
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#2 Shield sunglasses

2018 was the year of tiny glasses: but boy did 2019 take an unexpected turn! Maxi shield sunglasses à la Kris Jenner saw a peak of +386% more clicks vs last year. And seeing as the momagers’ favourite shades was all the rage at Paris Fashion Week this fall, we expect this trend to live strong in 2020 too.

mini bag
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#3 Mini Bags

Now if I say mini-bag, you say: “Jacquemus“. But the french insta-loved label isn’t the only one that went for the mini-craze: fashion heavyweights like Chanel, Fendi and Dior have all released iconic bag models in a mini format – take the Fendi Peckaboo or the Dior Saddle Bag. Shoppers were also loving the trend, as clicks on mini-bags increased by +26% clicks vs 2018.

mini dress
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#4 Mini Dresses

Summer 2019 saw a lot of maxi-dresses, and funnily enough, a lot of mini dresses too. Either short or very short, strapless or with spaghetti straps, extra-tight or extra-loose, the mini dress was the most popular way to flaunt your legs this summer. From Kylie Jenner to Chiara Ferragni, influencers everywhere have sported this sexy style during the hotter season. The trend grew in clicks by +50% vs 2018.

Bring back the 90s

90s buket hat
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#5 Bucket Hats

Although high-end brands like Prada have already done this style in previous years, it is only recently that the bucket hat has been fully embraced in mainstream fashion. Probably the hottest hat in 90s hip-hop (LL Cool J anyone?), the bucket style is extremely practical: it can help cover up during bad hair days, and is perfect for a last-minute fishing date! So no wonder clicks for bucket hats increased by +108% vs 2018.

90s laceup boots_2
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#6 Lace-up Boots

In 2018 we all had a sense that lace-up boots were gonna have a come back – and we weren’t disappointed. The bootie has re-gained popularity in several versions – in a more 90s grudge style courtesy of Dr. Martins, or with a victorian, romantic flair, like Rejina Pyo‘s stunning version of the trend. It’s easy to fall in love with lace-ups: 39% of 2019’s most-clicked boots were in fact lace-up.

90s hair band
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#7 Headbands

Queen of headbands Blair Waldorf would approve: in 2019 we have seen thousands of different takes on this 90s chic hair accessory. Prada started it, and everyone followed: bedazzled, beaded with pearls, out of velvet or silk, if you were looking for something stylish this year, the headband was the way to go.

90s hair clip
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#8 Hair Clips

What says 90s more than too many hair-clips in your hair? After years of wanting to copy Lizzie McGuire’s flawless style, we finally got our chance. However, 2019 had it’s own take on hair-clips: the resin tortoiseshell clips á la Gucci were everywhere, accompanied by the squared, pearl incrusted versions. With so much choice it’s no wonder that clicks on hair-clips grew by a whopping +253% vs last year!

90s chek blazer
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#9 Check Blazers & Jackets

Cher from Clueless is forever our style icon (and life-guru): that yellow plaid blazer-skirt combo has gone down in history. In 2019 we all channeled our inner 90s teen: the plaid blazer & jacket, in colourful or classic variations, has been one of the most popular trends this year – with +270% increase in clicks vs 2018.

We love the 80s

80s Ruffles_2
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#10 Ruffles

Remember the New Year’s Eve scene from When Harry Met Sally? Sally was wearing a velvet ruffle dress that was so 80s, it could have easily been 2019. In fact, 20% of this years most clicked dresses had ruffle details. Made iconic by the brand Philosophy by Lorenzo Serafini, this Victorian-reminiscent style was seen among fast-fashion collections too, and was popular also for blouses and sweaters.

80s puffy sleeves
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#11 Puffy Sleeves

Apart from MTV, leotards and Cindy Lauper, there’s nothing more 80s than this! 2019 saw the absolute revival of the puffy sleeve: Rotate, Isabel Marant, Attico and Ganni all went in on the trend for their 2019 collections. Big shoulders, big success: clicks have risen by +93% vs last year, and we expect to see this style thrive through 2020.

80s scrunchies
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#12 Scrunchies

Love it or hate it – the scrunchy is not going anywhere. Although Carrie Bradshaw believes no New Yorker in their right mind would go around wearing one, shoppers online are loco about the trend, as clicks have grown in the tenfold vs 2018. Carrie clearly can’t be right about everything – should we remind you about Aidan?

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Go get’em, cowgirl

Cowboy Boots - Stylight Trend Recap 2019
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#13 Cowboy Boots

We had already identified this trend for Autumn / Fall 2019 – but, let’s be real, fashionistas were already sporting the Texas-famous boot in spring (and the braver ones in summer too). 2019 was the year rodeo became fashion: clicks on cowboy boots grew by +62% over the year. Cool, trendy, and, if your Uber rating is bad, perfect to mount a horse as a last-minute ride alternative.

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#14 Plaid Shirt

One of the most unexpected revivals of 2019 – the plaid shirt. This style is great for a day out lassoing cows, or to walk the streets of Milan during Fashion Week. Online shoppers loved the comfy, laid back shirt: clicks increased by +98% over the course of the year – proving that Kurt Cobain’s fashion legacy lives on.

texas belt
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#15 Western Belts

Have you even been to Coachella if you haven’t posted an outfit that includes this statement accessory? Desert festivals aside, the western belt was actually trending in 2018, but really established itself as a fashion staple this year. The proof? Clicks on western belts rose by +194% vs last year.

Prints of 2019

tie dye
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#16 Tie-Dye

Groovy, man. Tie-dye is undoubtedly the revelation of 2019: so much so, that two iconic labels, Prada and Ralph Lauren, released a tie-dye capsule collection this year! Lady Gaga, Gigi Hadid, Billie Eilish, Ariana Grande.. these are just some of the few female bad-asses that embraced the print. Also, tie-dye tees have become the unofficial VSCO girl uniform around the globe. Our shoppers love it too: searches for “tie-dye” clothing grew by +196% vs 2018.

Photo: Getty Images

#17 Snake Print

At this point, Pantone should just go ahead and make snake print the colour of 2019. This year snake print was literally everywhere: dresses, blouses, pants, shoes, bags – heck, even bed sheets! Our online shoppers were mad about it, with the trend growing in searches by +89% over the course of the year. If this is a way to enjoy animal print, but cruelty free, we’re all for it.

Photo: Getty Images

#18 Leopard Print

Animal print was big this year, but in general leopard print is an evergreen – and since Fran Dretscher from the Nanny is our fashion spirit animal, we can only rejoice knowing this trend will never end. In 2019 interest for leopard is still alive, with searches growing by +58%. Here’s a tip: you should be stealing from your grandma’s closet instead of your sister’s – less drama, more chicness.

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#19 Polka Dots

Had I told last year that a Zara polka dot dress would reach 26k followers, you’d probably think I’m nuts. Actually, this is what happened in 2019: the polka-dot print literally went viral, and not just because of this super popular dress. Fashionistas love the print, as it is versatile and effectively hides a nasty pasta sauce stain. Because looking chic is important, but spaghetti is life.

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Our analysis is run on internal Stylight data from our 12 million monthly users. Time frame selected is from 01.01.19 to 15.10.19, and compared to 2018 for the same period. Top trends are ranked on total number of clicks globally for the selected time frame. Top prints are ranked on total number of search queries globally for the selected time frame. 

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