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2019 Fashion Investment Guide

The five trends worth investing in


Fashion is constantly evolving. Trends come and go, and then come round again, and every generation, from Jane’s Birkin to Carrie Bradshaw’s Dior Saddle, has their own sought-after “It” item. But after the hype has died down, which luxury good is actually worth your investment?

We teamed up with luxury second-hand retailer Rebelle to determine which five “It” items have the greatest resale potential. This is your 2018/19 Fashion Investment Guide.

We asked Rebelle about the categories, colours, materials, and brands that have the highest resale value and then applied these criteria to the 50 most-coveted luxury products of the last six months on Stylight.

This 2019 Fashion Investment Guide explains which five luxury items will give you the greatest return on your sartorial investment.  



According to global Stylight shopping data of our 12 million monthly users, the most clicked-on model of the highly-coveted 2019 Gucci GG Marmont shoulder bag is in raspberry-pink velvet.

Retailing for $1,890, the resale value of the pink Marmont is $1,225 (€1,100). For the classic black leather GG Marmot Mini shoulder bag, while the retail value remains at $1,890, the resell price, according to Rebelle, climbs to $1,340 (€1,200).

The data suggests that while the pink Marmont bag is this season’s ‘It’ Gucci item, the classic black leather model holds up better on the resell market.

Why the Gucci Marmont holds up:

  •     Bag: Designer bags are in the first place category for resale value
  •     Leather: This fabric is in second place for a material’s resale value
  •     Gucci: Fifth strongest brand for resale value
  •     Black: The strongest colour for resale value
  •     Iconic design with high recognition value



John Galliano’s Dior Saddle bag has been an iconic model since its debut in 1999. Thanks to Maria Grazia Chiuri, Dior’s current creative director, the Saddle bag made its long-awaited reappearance at the Paris Fall/Winter 2018 Fashion Week.

In 2019, a brand new Dior Oblique Saddle bag retails for $2,700 and has a comparable resell value of $2,340 (€2,100), according to figures from Rebelle. The resale price of an older 1999/2000 model, on the other hand, has risen over 200% over the last year and owners can now get $1,340 (€1,200) for the vintage model, a sizeable gain from its original $950 (€850) price tag.

Why the Dior Saddle Bag is worth your investment:

  •     Bag: Designer bags are in the first place category for resale value
  •     Leather: This fabric is in second place for a material’s resale value
  •     Dior: Among the top 10 brands with the highest resale value
  •     Camel: Third place for resale value colour
  •     Iconic design with high recognition value



The Princetown slippers from Gucci are a winning combination of luxurious comfort and classic design. This season’s statement mules, ranging in colours, materials, and designs, have made their way into the wardrobe’s of fashion’s elite. On Stylight, the most-clicked-on pair of Gucci Princetown slippers in the past year is the black leather pair embroidered with gold bees and a star motif.

Retailing new for $820, the Gucci Princetown slippers are among Rebelle’s resale bestsellers in their “shoe” category. In good condition, a pair can make upwards of $500 (€450) on the online market.

Why the Gucci Princetown holds up:

  •     Gucci: Fifth strongest brand for resale value
  •     Black: The strongest colour for resale value
  •     Leather: This fabric is in second place for a material’s resale value
  •     Iconic design with high recognition value



The Fendi statement bag, a cultural icon in itself in the late 1990s, was one of fashion’s first “It” bags. According to Rebelle data, the prices for second-hand Baguette models have risen dramatically in recent months, largely thanks to the style’s design revival and influencer hype.

Depending on the style, the Baguette bag retails between $1,500 and $3,500, and the current resale value is also placed in this range.

Why the Fendi Baguette holds up:

  •     Bag: Designer bags are in the first place category for resale value
  •     Fendi: Fourth strongest brand for resale value
  •     Brown: Second-strongest colour for resale value
  •     Iconic design + current redesign

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While Instagram may be riddled with popular sneaker models from Alexander McQueen and Balenciaga, the shoe resale market relies heavily on the singularity of a product.

The resale value in the sneaker market is heavily dependent on the specific model of a shoe. Limited edition products or those found in a capsule collection are a worthy investment because if sold in pristine condition, their value is almost always guaranteed to go up.

As an example, the Nike x Off-white ‘Air Force 1’ sneakers were originally listed for $170 but can now be found on eBay for $1,140, a 570% price increase.

Why capsule collection sneakers are worth your investment:

  •     Leather: This fabric is in second place for a material’s resale value
  •     Nike x Off-white: Exclusive brand partnership
  •     Limited Edition: Short supply items often have a higher resale value


The sneaker and athleisure fashion trends have been some of the most prevalent in recent years. On Stylight, these categories have seen a 225% increase in searches between 2017 and 2019. The brands that have seen the greatest increases in resale values are Off-white, Supreme, Yeezy adidas, and Vetements.

While luxury bags are undoubtedly the most sought-after items in the resell market, watches and jewellery follow shortly behind.

Categories with the highest resale value:
Bag 09.11.27

1. Bags

watch 09.11.27

2. Watches

jewelry 09.11.25

3. Jewellery

clothing 09.11.27

4. Clothing

shoes 09.11.25

5. Shoes


While young brands like Jacquemus, Ganni, and Self Portrait are seeing an increase in clicks and searches every year, the most popular brands remain to be household luxury names Gucci and Prada. Year-over-year, both Italian brands have seen an 86% increase in searches.



In general, darker coloured items tend to have a higher resale value in all categories. To increase your chances of profitable resales, choose darker shades in camel, brown, grey, and black.

Some iconic models, the Hermès Birkin for example, work well in rarer colours, like confetti pink or sapphire blue.

Colours with the best resale value:

1. Black


2. Brown


3. Taupe


4. Camel


5. Grey



In regards to materials and fabrics, exotic leathers, such as crocodile and alligator, have, by far, the highest resale value. However, due to ethical and environmental debates and changes in consumer behaviours, more and more designers are opting for eco-friendly materials, like canvas, bamboo and organic cotton.


Materials with the highest resale value:

1. Exotic Leather

2. Leather

3. Canvas

4. Cashmere

5. Silk

Mini or Maxi

Who says that size doesn’t matter? In the last 12 months, mini bags have been making their way into department stores and Instagram feeds across the globe. In the last 12 months, Stylight has seen a 43% search increase for mini bags across our global domains.

The Jacquemus Chiquito is certainly one of the most popular models in the mini bag trend. Within a six month period, the brand saw a 219% increase in clicks on Stylight. And while the current trend revolves around smaller models, when it comes to long-term investments, larger models are more sought-after, increasing the demand in resales.

written by:

Kayla Kuefler

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