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As things slowly start to return to normal and many of us begin to head back to the office – we welcome the change of scenery and (let’s be honest) the change of wardrobe, switching out our sweatpants and slippers for more appropriate office attire. From suits in bold colors to chunky loafers, returning to the office doesn’t have to mean stuffy suits and bland colors. Whether its corporate professional or flexible freelancer, our trend report has the essentials for the return to workwear.


Trend #1
Genderless, fashionable officewear

Fashion has always played a big role in everyday working life and even more so if the environment in which you work is that of fashion and lifestyle. A certain ability to keep up with the trends is often expected, so here is the perfect look for a junior marketing manager, a fashionable freelancer, or edgy graphic designer: genderless, colorful, accessorized perfectly, with an inevitable luxury statement piece to complete the whole look. Loafers with chunky soles are a back-to-the-office must, whether they are by Gucci, Prada or Ganni, it doesn’t matter, what is certain is that clicks for this category of shoes on Stylight have increased by +59% during the first weeks of September. Same goes for the high sock (+52%), perfect if you still want to wear bermudas or midi dresses. We come to the inevitable cornerstone of the work attire, the blazer, which this year for both men and women should be worn over and leather, and if it’s vintage? Even better. On Stylight, clicks for oversize leather blazers have increased by 26%. But let’s talk about accessories, if for the summer the must-have necklace was the Harry Styles’s pearl one, then for fall the chain choker is all you need (+15%), while the hottest bag of the moment (if you’ve just started your career at Karla Otto) can only be the canvas tote bag, and if it’s the one by Celine or Jil Sander, you are doing it right (+23%).


Trend #2
Professional Business Women

For the business women who want a more classic-chic look, we were also able to identify some clothes and accessories that are currently experiencing a spike in interest and traffic – with looks that will inspire you to make a power move. The first item being colored suits, blazers and pants, with +13% increase in clicks. Here, we prefer pieces with ultra saturated colors, such as kermit green or pink. The turtleneck sweater is another staple of the classic office chic look. This timeless piece is making a comeback with a +41% increase in clicks. Knitwear is also in and we see it everywhere this season, especially on midi dresses, another must-have for the office look. Clicks for knitted midi dresses have increased by 30% over the period analyzed. As for shoes, one brand stands out from the others: it’s New Balance, for which we saw a 32% increase in clicks, which is not surprising considering that the 991 or 530 models are everywhere! Finally for accessories, we’ve noticed an increase of interest for statement earrings (22% of clicks)



Trend -2 Professional-Business-Women-Back-to-Office-Stylight-Insights-Report-2021

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Trend #3
Professional Business Men

Menswear in a professional setting has become more casual and trendy- which means the traditional suit and tie are not always mandatory for office attire. We’re happy to see that workwear for men has become a bit more flexible- allowing for a bit more creativity and individual expression. We’re seeing high-quality polo shirts made of a silk/cotton blend – worn with either short or long sleeves. Interest has increased by +47% on Stylight’s international platforms. Especially trendy is the long-sleeved version in beige or off-white and best possible in combination with a well-fitting chino in the same color scheme. Chinos are also starting to replace the classic suit pants, which are worn less and less this year. Online interest in chinos has risen by 10%. They are combined with casual, lace-up boots (+32% higher interest) and the classic among men’s jackets: the Harrington jacket (+23% higher interest). The ones from the British brand, Barakuta are stylish and trendy and the perfect investment piece.

Business men who are a looking to dress a little bolder this fall and winter are opting for flat caps. In the first two weeks of September, we have already seen a +16% increase in demand.


About this report

The information about increased interest in certain products or product categories refers to the analysis of the search behavior of the 120 million annual users on Stylight. We compared the interest in the mentioned categories in the period of the last two weeks of August (17 – 31.8.2021) with the first two weeks of September (1 – 15.9.2021). The selection of items is based on research by Stylight Editors.

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Rebekah Ortquist

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