Coats Trend Forecast 2021

We’ve already looked at the hottest boot trends for this year, so now it’s time to take a closer look at this year’s must-have styles for coats and jackets for fall/winter 2021/2022. But this time we would like to show you not only the 4 biggest fall trends, but also give you an overview of the trend features. Which coat colors are going to be trending this fall and winter? Which length and material will be the most wanted? And which accessories will elevate your coat into a statement piece of outerwear in 2021/2022? Look no further, you will find all the answers in our report!



Mix & Match

Choose one of these 4 ingredients, and your coat will rock it this year

What ingredients will make a trendy coat this season 2021/2022? This is exactly the question we wanted to address – We’ve taken a closer look at the 21/22 runway shows 2021/2022 to show you the trend colors, a new length that’s in, a super cool material that’s showing up everywhere, and an accessory that is upping the outerwear game.

1. Colors

These are the hottest colors this Fall/Winter: Frog-Green (+163%) Orange-Brown (+112%) as well as Chocolate-Brown (+7%) compared to last year.

2. Knee-Length

This year knee-length coats are the go-to length! Compared to last year clicks on knee-length coats and jackets have increased by +11%.


3. Faux Fur

Instead of teddy-style coats we’re opting for Faux Fur. On Stylight the clicks on synthetic fur have increased by 26% compared to the previous year.

4. Add ons: Thin Belts

This season thin belts are the perfect accessory for your Fall/Winter coats. On Stylight we’ve seen a 37% increase in clicks on skinny belts.

Main 4 ingredients
as an overview


1. Colors

Ultra pigmented colors are taking over the trends for this fall/winter! With an overall increase in clicks of 163% on the jackets and coats category, frog green will be THE color of choice (right, Dua Lipa?). Brown shades (orange and chocolate brown) will also be very popular.


2. Knee Length

This fall, we will leave our very long coats in the closet and instead opt for the knee length, as seen on the Max Mara, Prada or Saint-Laurent runway shows. On Stylight, we have already noted an increase of 11% in clicks on this category of coats.


3. Faux Fur

It’s time to talk about materials that will give us the trendiest coats of 2021. In previous years the teddy coat was the piece to invest in and after continual increased interest in green shopping as well as the increased awareness in the fight against animal cruelty – synthetic fur is becoming the new favorite. On Stylight, we’ve seen an increase in interest in faux fur of +26% year-over-year.


4. Thin Belts

Almost the entire Fall/Winter collection of Max Mara presented coats with extremely thin belts on top. We also saw this trend in the coats of Bottega Veneta – available of course in the season’s “It” colors. On Stylight, the clicks on thin belts this year are 37% higher than last year.


Those are the trends 2021

Now that we’ve revealed what ingredients go into making the perfect coat for Fall/Winter 2021- make room in your closet! We’re going to show you the best outerwear pieces of the season. From Extra Large trench coats and bomber jackets to faux fur and quilted coats .

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Trend #1
XL Trenchcoat

Once you invest in a well-fitting trench coat, you will have it for life. The only thing that changes this season is that we prefer trench coats with wide lapels and in an XL format. On Stylight, clicks on oversized trench coats are 30% higher than last year.

more clicks on XL Trenchcoats on Stylight


Trend #2
Oversized Bomber jackets

College style or oversized, the bomber will also be very present this fall. Seen at Prada, Philosophy, Louis Vuitton, Etro, and adopted by the most prominent it-girls of the moment, the bomber will be one of the star pieces of the season! Bottega Veneta has even introduced a leather version. On Stylight, clicks for oversized bombers have already increased by 33%.

more clicks on oversized bomber jackets on Stylight


Trend #3
Quilted Coats

We saw the quilted coat in all its splendor on the Max Mara runway, luxurious, floor length and green in color (the inevitable color of the season). Maybe this cozy outerwear isn’t so unheard of after all- we’re all coming out of a year of lockdown where walking around with a blanket over our shoulders wasn’t so strange. On Stylight, we saw a +40% increase in clicks for this category of coats.

more clicks on quilted coats on Stylight


Trend #4
Long Synthetic Fur Coat

The faux fur trend this year has been presented by many brands, making it a real must-have this season. A little longer and ruffled by Prada, a curled and short version by Bottega and plush effect by Stella McCartney just to name a few. As we have already anticipated, the success of synthetic fur is also based increased focus on eco-responsibility and being animal cruelty-free. Clicks on Stylight have increased by +26% compared to the previous year.

more clicks on long synthetic fur coats on Stylight


About this report

As described, we have based the trends for the upcoming fall/winter season on the runway looks F/W 2021/2022 and examined how high the demand is for the described look. The figures are based on the browsing and shopping behavior of the 120 million annual users on Stylight. We examined the clicks on various subcategories of coats in the period from January 1 to August 25, 2021 vs. 2020.

written by:

Rebekah Ortquist

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