The Autumn/Winter Boot Trend Report 2020

The 2019 trends that are out, and the 2020 styles our users are wearing instead

After examining the autumn coat and jacket trends, we naturally turned our attention to the shoe trends for this fall. By analyzing the purchasing behavior of our 12 million monthly users, we were able to recognize the boots and ankle boots that have captured the attention of consumers. This growing interest is not surprising: boots and ankle boots have already been worn this summer by it-girls such as Camille Charrière, Hailey Baldwin and many others. Designers such as Isabel Marant or Etro no longer hesitate to incorporate them into their spring-summer collections. This suggests a promising outlook for the upcoming season, despite the health crisis. So which trends will be favored by consumers this fall? Stompers, riding boots, suede boots… here are the 4 shoe trends for autumn 2020, which will surpass those of 2019, also listed in this report.



Trend 2020 

Boots with laces have evolved beyond the typical styles (almost exclusively Dr. Martens) of last season. This year’s essential lace-up boots? Stompers. With a 238% increase in clicks compared to last year, stompers, or platform combat boots, are definitely one of the must-haves of this fall/winter.

+238% more clicks YoY


Trend 2019 
Lace-up Boots

Last year, this style went from being a punk shoe to a real must-have for fashionistas everywhere; we are talking about combat boots. This year, however, the classic version of these models took a small step back with 63% less clicks compared to 2019, giving way to the 2.0 version: platform combat boots, or stompers.

-63% less clicks YoY


Trend 2020 
Riding Boots

What would autumn be without weather-proof boots in which we can experience our very own prairie adventure? With the focus of this year’s outerwear styles being classics like double-breasted coats, it is not surprising that a very classic boot model is also in demand for autumn 2020. Riding boots are all the rage: compared to last year, we have seen a significant 783% increase in interest.

+783% more clicks YoY


Trend 2019 
Cowboy Boots

No other shoe trend in 2019 was hyped as much as cowboy boots. But as fast as this trend took over fashion magazines and blogs, the demand for them decreased just as swiftly. Possibly, due to many having already satisfied their demand for the casual boots last year. Compared to 2019, the clicks for cowboy boots in 2020 have decreased by 26%.

-26% less clicks YoY

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Trend 2020 
High Boots

They are sexy, they give us legs for days and this year we will see them everywhere; we are talking about one of the new, must-haves of 2020. We are not referring to the classic knee-high boots that we all have in our closets, but to thigh-high boots. With an increase in clicks of well over 1,000%, this shoe model is ready to become our weapon of seduction this fall/winter 2020.

+1021% more clicks YoY


Trend 2019 
Ankle Boots

They are the real best friends of every woman; always there in our closet, ready to be worn on every occasion. Whether they have a heel, or are a flatter, Chelsea model, the ankle boot sees a decrease in clicks of -4% this year on Stylight, thus giving their counterparts the opportunity to gain space in our closets.

-4% less clicks YoY


Trend 2020 
Suede Boots

In terms of materials, we are witnessing the triumphant return of suede. Indeed, thigh-high suede boots invaded the catwalks of the Fashion Week. Commonly known as suede, suede leather or nubuck leather, they are already making an appearance on feet of the trendiest it-girls and will be part of all the fall/winter 2020 boot collections. On Stylight, the trend continues with a 46% increase in clicks.

+46% more clicks YoY


Trend 2019 
Vinyl Crocodile Boots

One of the key trends of the 2019 / 2020 season was none other than vinyl with a crocodile effect, like the Mavis boots by Jimmy Choo. While last year we saw these retro materials everywhere, the trend seems to run out of steam this year to make way for the return of more classic and sensible materials. At Stylight, we observed a -38% drop in clicks on (fake) crocodile and vinyl items.

-38% less clicks YoY

About this report

For data analysis, we have, as always for our Stylight Reports, examined the shopping and surfing behavior of our 12 million monthly users and in particular analyzed the clicks on various product categories (such as ankle boots, boots, etc.) in the period from January 1-May 31, 2020. We compared the results with data from the same period in 2019 to determine an increase or decrease in interest.

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