TikTok Beauty Influencers 2021

TikTok is taking over – it was the most downloaded app of 2020 (according to Appfigures https://appfigures.com/resources/insights/most-downloaded-mobile-apps-2020). It is a platform for all kinds of user generated content, a place for people to share their knowledge, expertise, and experiences on a variety of topics. Because of its continually growing popularity and viral potential of its content, the app has become a must for brand campaigns. Genuine, first hand reviews mixed with the quick and easily digestible format of the videos turns out to be the perfect recipe for certain products and brands to go viral, with the beauty sector being no exception. TikTok beauty influencers are becoming the trusted go-to’s for all things make-up and skincare, due to their honest and “real” reviews, as well as their impressive skills and stunning beauty looks. From the best longwear lipstick to the best drugstore dupes, we at Stylight have compiled a list of eight must-haves according to TikTok’s beauty influencers.


These are the trends everyone is talking about


Maybelline Superstay Matte Ink




e.l.f. CC cream


High Pigmented Eyeshadow


Lime Crime


Huda Beauty


Covergirl Clean Beauty Products


Graphic Eyeliner


Stephanie Valentine


A relatable voice in the beauty industry, Stephanie Valentine aka @glamzilla offers insider tips on celebrity make up looks and which products they are using. She gives her opinion on both drugstore and luxury brand makeup brands and also offers her advice on skincare and how she achieves a natural glow. Her video recommending the Maybelline Superstay Matte Ink Crayon has received viral attention with Google searches for the product increasing by +51% since January 2021

increase on Maybelline Superstay Matter Ink Crayon

@glamzillaADRIANA LIMA WEARS THIS DRUGSTORE LIPSTICK!! #adrianalima #victoriassecret #victoriassecretangel #glamzilla | MAKEUP BY: @graceleebeauty♬ original sound – Stephanie Valentine


Rocio Soria


As a past makeup artist for Ulta, @rocio.roses knows her way around makeup. She is all about providing her viewers with affordable dupes to high end make up products. She tries everything and gives honest reviews, taking the guess work out of buying beauty products. Some of her favorite drugstore brands are Essence, Wet n Wild, and Milani. Her recomendations have been trending on TikTok so it’s no wonder that at Stylight, we’ve seen a +225% increase in click on the Milani brand.

increase on Milani


Mikayla Noguiera


If you love haul videos, Mikayla’s content will have you covered. She regularly tests new products ranging from drugstore fave e.l.f Cosmetics to more high end brands like Charlotte Tilbury or Fenty Beauty. Her full glam looks are an interesting juxtapostion to her down-to-earth Boston accent and is one of the reasons her 6 million followers love her so much. Others have started to catch on to the budget-friendly brand and on Stylight we’ve seen a 74% increase in clicks.

increase on e.l.f. Cosmetics CC Cream

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Dasia Janae


A master of using bold colors, @dajjrambo offers creative make-up content for both everyday and full glam looks. We’ve seen a trend lately for high pigmented eyeshadow, whether its adding colorful, intricate details or creating a complete bold eyelid, clicks have increased by 72% on Stylight and judging by Dasia’s content, the trend is still going strong.

increase on high pigmented eyeshadows


Alexandra Anele


Make up expert Alexandra Anele is no stranger to the beauty scene. She has long held a YouTube channel with detailed makeup tutorials. Her TikTok features quick makeup tips, previews of her makeup tutorial looks, as well as BTS clips. She offers informative tips on how blush can change your face shape, how to create fuller brows, and how to copy Dua Lipa’s make-up look. LimeCrime, the brand behind one of her must-have lip liners, has seen a 34% increase in clicks since the beginning of this year.

increase on Lime Crime


Rose Siard


@roseandben has it all – tutorials, how to’s, and make up must-haves. Her trademark “wear tests”, like the one she did for the new Huda Beauty line of Glowish products, help her followers have an idea of how certain products will hold up over the day – which is especially helpful when buying from high-end cosmetic brands. We’ve seen a remarkable +412% increase in clicks on Huda Beauty products over the last months, likely also due to the brand’s own massive following on TikTok (5 million followers). And after seeing @roseandben’s review of the Glowish skin tint and bronzer we can see why.

increase on Huda Beauty




@Pameluxe has content covering not just make-up, but all things beauty, including hair tips, scalp care, and skincare. She often reviews viral beauty trends and drugstore brands and in her videos, including CoverGirl’s new line of clean beauty products. According to Google, there has been a 36% increase in searches for the new Clean Fresh line.

increase on Covergirl CleanFresh products




Looking at @lenkalul’s TikTok one can see that she is a versatile beauty influencer. She takes inspiration from everywhere – the 70’s, 80’s, T.V shows like Euphoria, and yes, even Bratz dolls. Her looks are creative and never duplicated, often featuring graphic eyeliner, perfect contouring, and neon colors. People have been jumping onboard with the artistic eyeliner, and at Stylight we’ve seen a 64% increase in clicks on colorful eyeliners like the one’s featured in many of @lenkalul’s videos.

increase on graphic eyeliners

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This report is based on Stylight’s internal data collected from our 120 million annual users on our global platforms. We analyzed clicks on the different beauty brands, products, and categories mentioned in this report over the period of January 1 to March 31 2021, and compared the results to the period of April 1 to June 30 2021. Whenever the report refers to Google search numbers, the selected time frame is January 2021 search volumes compared to June 2021 search volumes taken from Google Trends. We also took data from external sources such as TikTok, as well as AppFigures.com.

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