more clicks on facial skincare as a category at the end of 2020

2021 Skincare Trends

What’s next?

Lockdown, home office, masks – 2020 has required us to put a little less effort in our make up routine (some of us have spent a good part of the year without wearing make up at all). As a consequence, it looks like we are now focusing more attention on our skincare practices instead: compared to the end of 2019, clicks for facial skincare as a category have grown by +214%. So, in 2021, it is even more relevant to highlight which skincare trends are going to dominate the year to come. Skincare expert secrets going mainstream, hyped brands or rediscovered ancient tools: we had a look at the shopping behavior of our 120M yearly users, to understand which trends took off at the end of last year, and are expected to last throughout 2021. Here’s whats next in skincare. 


Pharmacy Staples

Pharmacies have long been a French woman’s best kept secret as the go-to spot to find great skincare products at affordable prices. But this secret is now out! Popular drugstore and pharmacy brands are living through somewhat of a Renaissance, and have become popular thanks to their active ingredients, gentle formulations and great value for money. At the end of 2020, clicks for CeraVe products on Stylight grew by over 1000% when compared to the same period in 2019. It’s most wanted product? The CeraVe Facial Foaming Cleanser, which you probably have seen on TikTok too. But also brands like Cetaphil (+55%), La Roche Posay (+41%), Bioderma (+30%) and NUXE (+415%) have also experienced an increase in clicks at the end of 2020.



over 1000%

more clicks for the CeraVe products on Stylight at the end of 2020


Vitamin C Everything

Vitamin C is no longer an industry secret, but has now become a mainstream cult ingredient, thanks to it’s effectiveness in delivering glowing, blemish-free skin. At the beginning of the year, the trend-scout platform Exploding Topics reported that searches and mentions for “Vitamin C serum” on the Internet have more than doubled in the last 2 years. On Stylight, clicks for the top vitamin C serums have increased by over 1000% at the end of 2020, when compared to the same period in 2019.

over 1000%

more clicks for vitamin C serums on Stylight at the end of 2020


Chemical Peels

In recent times, we have seen an increasing number of brands and skincare experts ditching physical exfoliants, and swapping them for chemical peels. Not only are they more effective exfoliators, chemical peels are actually more gentle on your skin than physical exfoliants. What makes them especially popular in times of Covid is that they can be applied safely at home – making them the perfect item for a luxe lockdown home-spa treatment. The more popular ones are based on beta and/or alpha hydroxy acids (like Paula’s Choice‘s cult Skin Perfector). On Stylight, clicks on top BHA / AHA peels have increased by over 1000% at the end of 2020 vs same period in 2019.

over 1000%

more clicks for BHA / AHA chemical peels on Stylight at the end of 2020


Celebrity Skincare Lines
(that actually work)

Celebs launching their own skincare line? Ok, no big news here. However, an increasing number of celebs have launched skincare lines that live up to the hype, and actually deliver on their promises. Take KORA Organics: Miranda Kerr’s skincare label is widely appreciated in the beauty community thanks to its high quality certified organic ingredients. Stylight registered +485% more clicks for KORA Organics products at the end of 2020 vs 2019. Same goes for Fenty Skin: Rihanna’s line has been praised for its effective ingredients and inclusive approach to skincare (no white-cast sunscreen!). On Stylight, Fenty Skin registered +300% increase in clicks at the end of 2020 vs 2019. Last but not least, we have Jessica Alba’s Honest Beauty, a label that offers clean, cruelty free, natural products. On Stylight, Honest Beauty reported a +181% increase in clicks at the end of 2020 vs 2019.

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increase in Google search interest for “blue light skincare” since the beginning of 2019


Blue Light Skincare

With people spending more time indoors and in front of screens (thank you, Covid), skincare experts are now raising concerns about the effects that constant blue light exposure may have on skin. Blue light is not only harmful to your eyes: research suggests it can lead to cell shrinkage and death, speeding up the ageing process of your skin. So several brands have now developed products to contrast the effects of blue light: some examples include Chantecaille‘s Blue Light Protection Hyaluronic serum, or AHAVA‘s Dead Sea Osmoter Concentrate Supreme Moisturising Cream with Blue Light Defender. Consumers are showing quite some interest in these type of products: since the beginning of 2019, Google search interest for “blue light skincare” has increased by +136%, with a peek during lockdown in May 2020 (+336%). 


At-Home Beauty Treatments

With beauty salons having to shut down for the lockdown, we were left with the only option of taking our eyelash and eyebrow treatments into our own hands. Thankfully, there are so many at-home alternatives on the market right now to keep our eyelashes and eyebrows on fleek. Interest in eyelash growth serums boomed at the end of 2020, with over 1000% more clicks vs end of 2019. Clicks for miracle eyelash serum brand Revitalash also grew by +20% in the same time frame. Brow dyes are also expected to keep growing: clicks for the category grew by 1000% at the end of 2020 vs 2019.  




more clicks on cult eyelash growth serum brand Revitalash on Stylight at the end of 2020


Ancient Wellness Tools

With increasingly proven correlation between beauty and wellness, we are now seeing a new found interest for ancient wellness practices and tools, that are simple, sustainable and holistic. Take the Kansa Wand (made popular by brand Ravanat) – an Ayurvedic massage tool that has been used for over 5,000 years, which is able to restore your skin’s ph thanks to its alkaline metal point. On Google, search interest for “Kansa Wand” has increased by +82% in January 2021 vs 2020. Or take the Esker Beauty’s Body Plane: this “massage spatula” is inspired by those utilised centuries ago in Greek and Roman baths, and helps to gently but effectively exfoliate your skin. Google search interest for “Body Plane” has increased by +44% in Jan 2021 vs 2020. Another tool showcasing how beauty and wellness go hand in hand? It’s the Ayurvedic Tongue Scraper: not only has this tool been listed as an exploding topic from trend-scout platform Exploding Topics; on Google, search interest for this tool increased by +75% when comparing Jan 2021 to 2020.

About this report

This report is based on Stylight’s internal data collected from our 120 million yearly users across our international platforms. We analysed clicks on different brands & product categories, in the period from 11.01.20 to 01.15.21 and compared to 11.01.2019 to 01.15.20. Whenever the selected timeframe of analysis may refer to another period, or the data may belong to an external source, it has been duly referenced in the body of the report.

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