After seeing some of the most impractical trends over the years (yes, we’re looking at you micro mini skirts), it’s refreshing to see a trend that’s both useful, comfortable, and trendy. Soft, stretchy headbands are making their move into the spotlight this spring. It’s a combination of balletcore, the Old Money aesthetic, and Y2K all rolled into one and it can be worn with a wide variety of styles and looks.

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Last year headbands were chunky and embellished with rhinestones or pearls, but now it appears that 2023 hair accessories are more sleek and a little more casual. We’ve already seen an incredible 114% increase in demand for this accessory on Stylight compared to last year! There are plenty of “how to wear a headband” posts on TikTok where users show off the versatility of the accessory. The hashtag #headbandhairstyle already has 93M views! it can be worn with the hair down and pushed back or with a sleek ponytail or messy bun – perfect for when you don’t have time or if you’re running errands all day. We’ve spotted it on numerous celebs and influencers – and it’s giving the perfect, effortless “model off-duty” look.

The time frame used for our clicks analysis was March 2023 vs March 2022. 

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Rebekah Ortquist

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