The eagerly awaited fifth season of The Crown is proving to be the most interesting season so far in terms of fashion. The looks of Princess Diana (played by the enchanting and supremely talented Elizabeth Debicki) are still stylish today and – yes, in 2022 – hip again. She remains one of the most important style icons so it’s no surprise that the Netflix series has led to a boom in demand for Lady Diana’s outfits.

The world famous “Revenge Dress” in particular (designed by Christina Stambolian), which Princess Diana chose for her visit to the Vanity Fair party in 1994, after the announcement of Prince Charles’ infidelity – has led to a 25% increase in demand on Stylight for off-the-shoulder dresses (one week after the series’ release on Netflix). This dress is so iconic just as much now as it was back then when she first debuted the look.

Source: Netflix
Source: Netflix
The “Revenge Dress” as depicted in the Netfix series, The Crown.

But in addition to this world famous and often photographed look, demand for halter dresses (+37%) and pearl earrings (+81%) also increased on Stylight.

Source: Netflix
Source: Netflix
Elizabeth Debicki portrays another iconic Princess Diana look

And Diana’s cool ’90s everyday looks also had their impact on online shoppers. In the series, we see Debicki wearing a red, puffer jacket that Princess Di was often photographed in – and one week after the series debut we’ve seen a 26% increase in demand on Stylight for this style. The complete look – puffer jacket, mom jeans, baseball cap, and cowboy boots – is just as trendy today as it was back in the 90s.

The demand for college sweaters also increased by 8% in the week following the series release. And it may well be because Diana is often seen sporting a cool, grey Harvard sweater. Whether she was in an evening dress or just a casual everyday look, the styles of Princess Diana are still fashionable today, so we are not surprised that the depiction of this style icon in the series led to a renewed boom in interest for these fashion classics.

Here’s our recap of the looks that had an increased demand *one week after season premiere of The Crown:

  • 25% increase in demand for off-the-shoulder dresses
  • 81% increase in demand for pearl earrings
  • 37% increase in demand for halter dresses
  • 26% increase in demand for red puffer jackets
  • 8% increase in demand for college sweaters

* The series appeared on Netflix on November 9,2022. For our analysis, we compared the clicks on the aforementioned product categories on Stylight one week before the release vs one week after the release date.

written by:

Rebekah Ortquist

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