Fashion trends are known for moving in cycles, which had definitely been apparent this year with the resurrection of 00’s and 90’s trends. But it seems like the latest trend aesthetic to take shape this fall is going even further back on the fashion timeline. Inspired by the silhouettes, fabrics, and styles from the Baroque period, this new trend has been dubbed Neo-Goth.


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Intricate lace dresses and tops, dark leather, and fishnet stockings, this aesthetic is moody, romantic, and simultaneously modern and antique. The Dior Spring/Summer 2023 show this year at Paris Fashion week perfectly illustrated this trend. We’ve also seen this style reflected in Dolce & Gabbana’s new collection, with many of their accessories being embellished with gothic cross imagery. While this trend fits perfectly to the autumnal/winter season thanks to the dark color palette, we can definitely imagine it being translated into the spring and summer months with dark floral patterns and romantic lace dresses and ruffle accents.

On Stylight we’ve seen an increase on the following categories that fit to the Neo Goth aesthetic

  • +39% increase in interest for leather skirts
  • +43% increase in interest for leather pants
  • +15% increase in interest for lace tops
  • +155% increase in interest for fishnet stockings
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*Figures were analyzed based on October 2022 clicks and compared to September 2022 clicks across all Stylight international platforms.

written by:

Rebekah Ortquist

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