Lockdown Measures Worldwide Are Shifting Online Shopper’s Interest to Home Decor and Athleisure

With over one third of the world population under lockdown, it is only obvious that online shopper’s purchasing behaviour and priorities are changing. Since many users are no longer able to work in offices or take part in social events, it is only logic that buying new apparel for these occasions is not deemed as a priority, but is rather postponed to a later time. As a consequence, we’ve reported an overall increase in users saving products on their wish-lists, with +27% more products saved in the US only this month.

So what are shoppers actually interested in buying now? Either something that they can wear at home, or anything that can represent a distraction during long time spent indoors. These are the categories picking up steam over the last 2 weeks, globally:

  • Home Decor: as people get ready to spend more time inside, they are looking for products to freshen up their spaces. We’ve seen a +30.7% growth in clicks on home decor products over the last 2 weeks.
  • Loungewear: comfort is the new trend of the season! Both hoodies (+13%) and sweat pants (+26.5%) have registered an increase in clicks over the last 2 weeks.
  • Lingerie: our shoppers are finding new ways to keep feeling sexy; we’ve seen an increase in clicks on lingerie by +55% over the past 3 weeks. Not to mention, underwear was the n.1 clicked category in the US this month.
  • Activewear: as more people try to find ways to stay active indoors, interest on activewear surges. Both leggings (+15%) and sports bras (+29%)  have grown in clicks over the last 2 weeks.
  • Beauty: the best way to spend time indoors? A little home-spa day! No wonder we’ve reported an increase in clicks on both nailpolishes (+25%) and face masks (+24%) over the past 2 weeks.


This report is based on Stylight’s internal data collected from our 12 million monthly users across all our international platforms The selected period for clicks comparison is CW12 vs CW13, unless otherwise specified.

written by:

Clara Del Genio

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