Move aside, Emily in Paris: Netflix’s delivered yet another series serving incredible looks. We’re talking about the Queen’s Gambit, starring chess genius and style queen Beth Harmon, played by rising star Anya Taylor-Joy. The show has conquered the hearts of critics and audiences alike, even causing a surge in chess-set purchases according to an article from the New York Times. And its costume design, inspired by 60s icons like Ann Margaret, Natalie Wood and Audrey Hepburn, has also made its mark on our users. Since the show dropped on Oct 23rd, the number of clicks on Stylight for checkered coats has exploded, with an increase of +383.39% compared to the month before the release of the series. White wool coats (Beth wears a sublime white coat in the final scene of the season) have also grown by +131% in clicks within the same timeframe, as well as turtleneck sweaters (+56.74%), another staple of Beth’s vintage wardrobe.

Queen's Gambit actress, Anya Taylor-Joy
Queen’s Gambit actress, Anya Taylor-Joy

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Clara Del Genio

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