In 2021 we saw the rise of TikTok beauty trends and the increase in self-care and skincare awareness. So what are the trends and products that will be important going into 2022? We analyzed the clicks of our 120 million annual Stylight users to find the answer.


1. Organic and eco-friendly beauty products

According to a German study carried out by Klarna in 2021, 30% of Generation Z youth say they prefer purchasing vegan products when it comes to beauty, while 41% say they are willing to spend more on brands that respect the environment. The trend is also confirmed on Stylight, we noted that during the year 2021, clicks for certified organic products increased by 55% overall, and by 31% for vegan products . One of the flagship products that is currently experiencing a peak in interest and traffic is the Good Apple Foundation.from the vegan brand KVD Beauty , with + 100% of clicks in November 2021 compared to the previous month. The brand saw a 17% increase in clicks over the same period.

2. Sun and blue light protection

A recent study highlighted by Medical News Journal suggests that all people, regardless of skin color, can benefit from the use of tinted sunscreen , because of its added protection against visible light . Research has also shown that tinted sunscreen can be helpful for people with hyperpigmentation . And with so many people continuing to work from home, protecting our skin from blue light has also become more important and the trend is definitely on Stylight: clicks for sunscreen tinted UV Multi-Mineral Defense of Avene rose 400%  last month. The brand is also experiencing a peak of interest with+ 26% of clicks in November 2021 .

3. Scalp care

The need to include skin care in our daily routine is increasingly important, but a new trend is emerging – and its called scalpcare . Certain products have invaded our bathrooms, such as special scalp massage scrub brushes , and consumers seem to be looking for skincare products specially designed for the care of the scalp . Indeed, the global search interest for the keyword “ scalp products ” increased by 70% on Google in November 2021. On Stylight, we noticed an increase of 350% of clicks for NatureLab Tokyo Scalp Clarifying Scrub  in October / November 2021 compared to August / September 2021.

4. Lipstick trends

In 2021, black lipstick has (re) appeared on the catwalks, red carpets and street styles. A bit bolder than the classic red lipstick, it suggests that the return of the 90s pop-punk trend that will continue on into 2022. But on the other end of the spectrum we’ve also seen the return of neutral and natural lipsticks, Clinique’s Almost Lipstick in Black Honey has become the viral lip color which has the magical ability to adapt to each skin tone, creating a completely unique and flattering color for everyone. On Stylight, we saw an increase in clicks of over 1000% in November.

5. Face sticker rhinestones and gems

One of the major trends for next year will be gem and rhinestone stickers for the face. The search interest for this type of product (keyword “ face gem ”) tripled in November 2021 on Google and the trend is confirmed on Stylight, with a particular interest in rhinestones like the set of rhinestones for the face from Color Pop Individual , whose clicks increased by 100% compared to the previous month. And it’s a safe bet that the trend won’t stop on New Years Eve.

**Figures are based on analysis of Stylight and Google trends data for the periods of October and November 2021, unless otherwise indicated

written by:

Rebekah Ortquist

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