Netflix series have been consistently inspiring us and influencing our fashion favorites- from Queen’s Gambit to Bridgerton. And the latest one? The Serpent. A series which tells the (true) story of the killer Charles Sobhraj who stalked young Western tourists in Thailand in the 70s. All eyes are on Marie-Andrée a.k.a Monique, played by the actress Jenna Coleman, who is simply stunning in her very 70s themed outfits.
On Stylight, we have already noticed a renewed interest in 70s trends since the release of the series on April 2. The following categories are currently experiencing a peak of interest and traffic** :

  • Flared pants: +104% increase in clicks
  • Aviator sunglasses: +78% increase in clicks
  • Silk scarves : +45% increase of clicks
  • Creole earrings : +42% increase in clicks
  • Knitted vest or sleeveless sweater: 80% increase in clicks
  • Turquoise color: +52% increase in clicks

**Clicks were calculated on the basis of 5 days after the release of the series on April 2, 2021 (from 03.04 to 07.04 yesterday) and then compared to the equivalent period (from 29.03 to 02.04)


Netflix (Mammoth Screen Ltd - Photographer: Roland Neveu)
Netflix (Mammoth Screen Ltd – Photographer: Roland Neveu)

written by:

Rebekah Ortquist

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