With Valentine’s Day approaching, it’s time for Stylight to take a look at the jewelry categories on our global platforms to identify the top jewelry trends for the start of 2023. We’ve also highlighted the trends from last year that now seem to be running out of steam, resulting in a drop in clicks.

Trend #1

IN: Heart jewelry (77% increase in demand)

OUT: Butterfly jewelry (40% decrease in demand)

Photo: Getty Images
Photo: Getty Images
Janette Madsen wears a showy heart necklace at the Schiaparelli Spring/Summer 2023 show in Paris

What could better signify “love yourself” or “love me” than a heart? So in 2023, we’re clearly banking on heart-shaped jewelry. During January’s Fashion Weeks, we’ve already seen Jeanette Madsen, Anna Winter, Emili Sindlev and many other influencers with heart-shaped XL pendants. At the end of January, the demand for necklaces with heart-shaped pendants increased by 77% on Stylight.

Even though last summer users were crazy about Y2K trends and all wanted butterfly earrings like Meghan Markle’s or a butterfly chain like Dua Lipa’s, it seems that interest in butterfly jewelry is waning: on Stylight, there is a 40% drop in clicks for this category.

Trend #2

IN: Letter necklaces (20% increase in demand)

OUT: Y-chain necklaces (39% decrease in demand)

Tamu McPherson wears a gold T pendant necklace
Tamu McPherson wears a gold T pendant necklace
TPhoto: Getty Images

While Carrie Bradshaw is our go-to for name necklaces, our 2023 variation was influenced by Emily in Paris and her “E” necklace. While we used to display our full name, this year we want to be more subtle and stick to one letter. This one can of course be chosen for our own name or to represent the first letter of your Valentine. On Stylight, the demand for first name necklaces has increased by 20%.

On the other hand, the demand for Y necklaces has dropped by 39%.

Trend #3 

IN: Cuff bracelets (97% increase in demand)

OUT: Pearl bracelets (55% decrease in demand)

Photo: Getty Images

In 2023, pearl bracelets, which were very popular last year have seen a 55% drop in demand, have been replaced by cuff bracelets and bangles. This elegant arm jewelry comes in silver or gold, in a minimalistic design or in a flashy XL look. Interest in cuff bracelets significantly increased on Stylight in the last two weeks of January (+97%).

Trend #4

IN: Amber jewelry (14% increase in demand)

OUT: Glass beaded necklaces (32% decrease in demand)

Bella Hadid wears a beautiful amber necklace at Paris Fashion Week
Bella Hadid wears a beautiful amber necklace at Paris Fashion Week
Photo: Getty Images

Another important jewelry trend in 2023 is the importance of stones and crystals. This is called lithotherapy, which is about using the power of stones for their benefits. In this context, a stone which is attracting our particular attention? Amber. It is believed to have particular healing qualities that can help relieve and strengthen our immune system. We have already seen this trend on Bella Hadid, who has been seen wearing amber bracelets, as well as a very flashy pendant during Fashion Week. We’ll see a lot more of this trend this year: we’re already seeing a 14% increase in interest in amber jewelry on Stylight.

In contrast, demand for glass beaded jewelry dropped 32% during January.

Trend #5

IN: Floral rings (200% increase in demand)

OUT: Signet rings (33% decrease in demand)

Photo: Getty Images

Rings with floral applications are also synonymous with grace, vitality and elegance with a timeless design. The positive trend of this ring is confirmed by a 200% increase in clicks on Stylight at the beginning of the year.

On the other hand, the demand for signet style rings, such as those worn by Meghan Markle, has decreased significantly. Despite the possibility of personalization, whether by engraving initials or creative embellishments by the designer, this type of ring seems to have had its day. This downward trend can also be seen on Stylight, where the demand for signet rings has dropped by 33%.

About our data:

In order to be able to analyze precisely how demand has evolved according to the mentioned trends, we analyzed the shopping behavior of Stylight’s 120 million annual shoppers. To do so, we compared two periods: The first two weeks of January (01 – 14.01.2023) vs. the last two weeks of January (15 – 29.01.2023).

written by:

Rebekah Ortquist

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