[Webinar] Holiday Season 2021: How To Maximize End Of Year eCommerce Sales In A Post-Vaccine World

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The aftermath of COVID-19 has brought on an unprecedented shift in the consumer mindset, leaving many brands and retailers struggling to keep up with what consumers want. With the holidays right around the corner, it’s now more than ever important to meet the expectations of consumers and make the most out of the busy holiday season.

In this webinar, Stylight, together with Buywith and Funnel, presented three distinct approaches to preparing for the 2021 holiday season, addressing the changes in consumer behavior in the COVID era, and how retailers can maximize their sales by offering a shopping experience that their customers are craving.

Check out a recording of the presentation, speakers’ slides and a recap of our Q&A:


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In this webinar, we discussed:

  • “How to Give Online Shoppers What They (Really) Want for the Holidays,” presented by Ilenia Sarman, Head of Brand Marketing at Stylight
  • “Creating Value and Driving Growth with Livestream Shopping,” presented by Liel Anisenko, Head of Marketing at Buywith
  • “Don’t Miss Your Holiday Targets!,” presented by Juuso Lyytikkä, VP Growth at Funnel
  • Industry trends & consumer behavior post-vaccine in a moderated discussion/Q&A session
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Our speakers:

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