The Best Of 2019: A Year Of Achievements

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Drop in temperatures, Christmas decorations all over, last-minute shopping: the holiday season is definitely upon us. As 2019 is coming to an end, how about we look back to this year, and see what Stylight has achieved, both for its partners and users? From the Gross Merchandise Value generated for its partners in 2019, to the product developments and improvements launched, let’s have a look at what happened at Stylight this year.

+20m€ more Sales GMV

2019 has been a very good year. Not only for Stylight, but above all for its 1330 partners. We’ve said it once, we’ll say it again: without our partners, there is no Stylight! This year, thanks to the quality of our traffic and innovations, we were able to generate more than 490m€ for our partners worldwide. With a 20m€ increase in GMV compared to 2018, we are curious to see by how much our revenue will grow in 2020.

2019, a year of performance…

We know it: a positive ROI is one of the most important things for our partner shops. And we are proud to announce that the return on investment generated for you in 2019 has more than doubled (+53%) compared to last year. But how did we manage to boost this number? The answer is simple: campaign optimization. You must have heard your account managers mention it: CPC bidding. Product and category level CPC bidding enables you to make the most of your campaigns by allocating your budget according to your specific goals. What did it mean in 2019? The number of partners using our CPC bidding solutions almost doubled compared to 2018.

And what about mobile users? Our partners’ favorite source of traffic! The mobile device share keeps increasing, and it won’t stop next year. That’s a fact, and we noticed that this industry-wide trend also affected Stylight: in 2019, the share of mobile users vs. desktop ones increased by 6.9%. That’s great news: if mobile traffic keeps growing, conversion rates do so too! Our conversion rates for this type of traffic indeed grew by 15% compared to 2018. So, should we all agree that mobile traffic does not necessarily mean bad traffic?!

…and of innovation

Innovation is at our core. At Stylight, we never stop improving our product and developing our services further. This year, we introduced a brand new website and homepage, tailored to our users’ needs. We also released the multi-select filter, facilitating our user experience.

Personalization was the buzz-word of the year. Leveraging our first-in-class tech expertise, we developed a range of services to specifically adapt to our users’ preferences. In Q4 we launched price-drop alerts: our users will be now receiving email alerts as soon as a product they are interested in goes on sale. We also launched email personalization: we can now personalize products advertised in our newsletter emails, based on the receivers’ personal product preferences and search or click history. This leads to higher user satisfaction and ultimately higher conversion rates for our partner shops.

And what about B2B? This year, we were able to finally open our platform to beauty partners across the US and UK, adding one more vertical to our offering and benefitting both shops and users. We also developed new advertising packages to boost traffic and visibility for our clients: seasonal packages granted our shops added visibility during seasonal retail events, whereas our “All About” slot helped brands highlight their products directly on our landing page all year round!

We said it earlier: for us, happy partner means happy Stylight. Our mission is to ensure you are entirely satisfied with our collaboration, and that we can develop our range of services to specifically fit your needs. In 2019, we made your voice heard: we launched our very first partner survey, and cannot wait to share our insights with you next year. A big thank you to those of you who completed the survey already, and don’t forget to participate if you haven’t yet!

Your brand was in the media…250 times

Finally, 2019 marked a milestone in the way Stylight uses its data. This year, we started leveraging our data for new, exciting purposes. We analyzed the purchasing behavior of our 12 million monthly users to produce data-driven reports published on Stylight Insights, a dedicated page for press and industry experts. What did this mean to our partners? Media coverage! Thanks to the 12 reports published on our Insights page, we generated more than 250 mentions in international media for the brands listed on Stylight. One of our most successful reports was The Stylight Fashion Recap, where we featured the top emerging and sustainable brands. So, should we keep our collaboration growing in 2020?

written by:

Soline Demenois

Lead Partner Marketing Manager

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