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Between the hyper-saturation of the fashion market and the decrease in the number of media houses, the past few years have been quite challenging for many brands when it comes to increasing their brand awareness through PR activities; Stylight was no exception. It’s with this struggle in mind that at the beginning of 2019 we launched Stylight Insights, our micropage dedicated to data-driven reports from real-time shopping data gathered from our 12 million monthly users. While this page is indubitably supporting Stylight’s own PR purposes, as a matter of fact, brands and retailers listed on our platform are also greatly benefiting from this complimentary PR promotion, and that at zero extra cost. Let us show you what we’ve accomplished for our partners with Stylight Insights.

What is Stylight Insights?

First things first, let us tell you a bit more about Stylight Insights. Every week, millions of shoppers visit our platform, searching for specific brands or collections, clicking on products or saving them in their wishlist. Always on the lookout for the latest trends or the effect of newsworthy events on shoppers, our experts go through the data, analyze it, and generate trend forecasts, consumer behavior, and influencer & celebrity endorsement impact reports based on the data collected. Combine it with their deep knowledge about what users want, and you get the perfect content to be shared with the press: unique data and insights that journalists wouldn’t be able to have on their own.

Top 15 brands mentioned on Stylight Insights

We offer a unique PR push to our partner shops

Now that you get the concept, you may ask yourself: what does it mean for me, as a brand or retailer listed on Stylight? The answer is easy: who do you think these reports are about? You, of course. Since its launch in 2019, Stylight Insights has generated 27 reports across 4 countries: Germany, the US, France, and Italy, resulting in more than 270 mentions in the biggest fashion & lifestyle media in the world for the brands listed on Stylight.

The Stylight Fashion Recap: 80+ brand mentions of our partners in international press

The Stylight Fashion Recap is the result of a year long research looking into the purchasing behaviour of Stylight’s 12 million monthly online shoppers. In the report, we identified the most popular online fashion of 2019, split across 3 sections: brands, sneakers and trends, in order to display what the typical online shopper was actually interested in. Key figures included were: top clicked fashion brands, top emerging labels & sustainable brands, hottest sneakers of 2019, and most searched trends, with a focus on trends surviving 2020.

The report included about 30 brands, which made their way to more than 80 online and offline magazines such as Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar, Elle, Grazia, etc. And here’s the icing on the cake: These magazines receive on average 4.2 million monthly users, meaning that featured brands were granted international reach to thousands of potential new customers via these fashion & lifestyle media power-houses. You’re welcome!

2019 Fashion Investment Guide: a tripartite success story

Another type of reports shared with the press was the Stylight x Rebelle and 2019 Fashion Investment Guide. This co-branded report, produced in collaboration with our partner shop and luxury second-hand retailer Rebelle, identified which “It” fashion items had the greatest resale potential in 2019.

Thanks to this report, our partner shop Rebelle and the 7 brands listed in this Fashion Investment Guide got the chance to nurture their brand awareness by obtaining press coverage from some of the most famous fashion & lifestyle magazines in the world. We generated more than 50 mentions in international media for both Rebelle and the brands listed in the report.

What now?

Looking at the success of our reports, we took it to a next level by launching Stylight NOW, where we share instant insights about how our 12 million monthly shoppers react to breaking news, events, celebrity styles or special sales. From the growth in clicks for a specific brand after being endorsed by a celebrity, to the top clicked sneaker of the week, our users’ favourite brands are constantly given added exposure. That is extremely good news for our partners, since these mini reports already resulted in press coverage for brands such as Asos, Marc Jacobs, Staud, Dior, etc. Are you going to be the next one?

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