COVID-19 Crisis: 8 Good Reasons To Keep Your Marketing Campaigns Running

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There is no denying that the COVID-19 pandemic poses huge challenges for all of us, and has created some uncertainty that can make it hard for businesses to decide what is best when it comes to their marketing activities. While it can be tempting for online businesses to pause all their marketing campaigns in order to save costs, keeping them live might actually bring them both short- and long-term advantages. We asked our experts -aka our partners’ account managers- why keeping your marketing campaigns running during this crisis is a good idea.

Reason #1: Keep your shop’s visibility and long term success

“Once you have been live onsite for a number of weeks or months, your products have optimized, and customers have already become familiar with your brand on the platform”, explains our Business Development Manager Alexandra Arbiz. “Since it typically takes time to ramp up and build ROI, pausing the campaign can impact the long term success of the campaign when you decide to relaunch. Your products will need to optimize over again and customers may have moved over to shopping with a competitor in your absence.”

Reason #2: Take this opportunity to de-stock your last season products

“In times like these, you might be experiencing lower demand from your target markets. Let marketing platforms like Stylight help you destock your last season products by launching campaigns in new strategic countries where your items can still fit the local customer needs”, says Enrico Chemolli, our Associate Business Development Manager.

Reason #3: Maximize brand awareness and customer acquisition

“As consumers are now solely shopping online, stores must adapt their marketing strategies to meet these new needs. Reducing affiliate marketing channels minimizes brand awareness and decreases customer acquisition”, explains Kristen McNeill, Business Development Manager. “By strategically leveraging online search platforms such as Stylight to put their products in front of the right potential buyers, stores will continue to drive ready-to-buy shoppers directly to their site.”

Reason #4: Be the competitor yourself

“Every crisis comes with opportunities. Right now, consumers only have the opportunity to shop online, which makes it even more important to be visible for those potential shoppers”, analyses Chloë van Wezel, our Business Development Manager. She continues: “Pausing your campaigns will result in people buying with your competitors. Don’t stop, be the competitor instead.”

Reason #5: Compensate for the loss in revenue caused by the lack of brick and mortar sales

“With increasing restrictions being set in place by governments to deal with the spread of COVID-19, most of our partners were mandated to close their physical retail stores”, explains our Associate Business Development Manager, Moritz Ziegenaus. He develops: “Stylight however still gives you the possibility to drive sales and growth through e-commerce, to help balance out the loss in revenue caused by the lack of brick and mortar sales.”

Reason #6: Stay connected with your customers

For our Associate Business Development Cristina Riba, “now is the perfect time to stay connected with your users, and reinforce your trustworthiness, by showing them that you are still there for them during this exceptional situation. Being part of an affiliate publisher will give you the opportunity to gain visibility, which is really important to keep up with your online sales.”

Reason #7: Get support in achieving your goals

“At Stylight, we understand that every shop’s goals are different, especially in times like these”, declares Pauline Reuter, our Business Development Manager Pauline Reuter. “We have a full panel of solutions to help you achieve them. Reaching out to us will enable you to find out how you stand in your markets and where you can be more competitive. From brand insights, CPC bidding optimization or promotional pushes, we can put in place an action plan that will help you make the most of the situation.”

Reason #8: Think after-crisis

Last by not least, think long term: ”By letting your campaign run, you will access a new audience of online shoppers, who will have become new long-term clients when the economy is back to normal”, concludes our Lead Business Development Manager, Vera Digner.

Of course, we don’t know yet when the global economy will recover from this crisis, but experts agree on one thing: it will get back to normal at some point, and your brand should be ready to grow again as soon as it’s the case.

written by:

Soline Demenois

Lead Partner Marketing Manager

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