The first 10 years of H&Ms designer collabsAs we count down to Alexander Wang x H&M, we look back at H&Ms infamous designer collections from 2004-2014


“We want to take high-fashion labels and make them available to everybody, make fashion democratic”

This year marks the 10th birthday of H&M’s infamous designer collaborations from the memorable McCartney dresses to the well-known Margiela shoes. These yearly ranges have been causing a chaotic sensation since 2004 and are hugely anticipated by fashionistas across the world.

Over the past 10 years H&M have brought the world of luxury and high fashion to the mass market, a little piece of accessible fashion available to all (we’re talking about a pair of Jimmy Choos for $99!)

To celebrate the landmark event, H&M will be launching a book entitled ‘The First Ten Years’ which will offer a retrospective look at the exclusive ranges with the aim of “sharing insights into the collaborations as well as looking back at the work process and launching of the collections.” The book will offer a glimpse behind the scenes of the campaigns, interviews with designers and the history of campaigns from Karl Lagerfeld to Isabel Marant and will be launched on November 6th.

The date also marks another significant event for H&M and fans of their collaborations, alike. Designer Alexander Wang’s collection FINALLY enters H&M stores worldwide!

The releases are just days away, but while we wait… let’s reflect on the past 10 years of collaborations from the legendary Lagerfeld starting it all off, to the infamous Alexander Wang on the horizon and see how the designers have made their mark on H&M.

STYLIGHT H&M Designer Collections Infographic

And then there was… WANG


“Sports at Night,” because “you’re not just active when you’re doing sports.”

Alexander Wang who is among other things famous for his Wang bags, is the first American designer who team up with H&M, has once again married sport with fashion in his collection for the brand. Incase you were wondering what England footballer Andy Carroll was doing in the latest H&M adverts alongside supermodel Joan Smalls, Wang has put them together to emphasise the sporty nature of his fashion line.

The contemporary collection that fuses athletic wear with fashion, in the typical Wang way, brings urban sensibility to the mainstream with items that mix innovation with function in a stylish way–there’s even a top with a logo that appears when you sweat. A range made for both sexes consisting of the legendary Alexander Wang Sweaters, leggings, sports bras, various other accessories and even shoes from Alexander Wang are available within the collection, Wang highlighted these are looks to be worn “on the street, in the gym and at the club”. For a designer who is no athlete himself, we think he’s nailed the sporty-leisure look!

The collection will officially hit shops on November 6th (in 50 stores across the US spanning Atlanta, Boston, Las Vegas, Seattle and more) but we’ve already picked out our faves:

Alexander Wang x H&M WOMEN Design Collaboration at Stylight

Photos courtesy of H&M

Alexander Wang x H&M MEN at Stylight

Photos courtesy of H&M

Having founded his own label in 2005, Wang has gone on famously to replace Nicolas Ghesquiere as the creative director of the renowned fashion house, Balenciaga, showing that the designer is indeed a man of many talents. It is unheard of to talk about urban street style without mentioning the name Alexander Wang, who brought this trend to the runway and has used it as inspiration to push boundaries at Balenciaga.

H&M’s designer collections usually spur hours of queuing by fashionistas as well as those who see the opportunity for re-sale on eBay. Since the announcement of the collaboration during Coachella (Wang took to Instagram to post a teaser), to his showstopping presentation in NYC, the lead up to this collection has been exhilarating. To reveal the first glimpse of the collection, Wang tried his luck by sending pieces to the most talked about girl in town – Rihanna – and surprisingly enough the star got the designer a lot of attention while wearing the AW for H&M ensemble amidst the craze that is New York Fashion Week.

Check out the Alexander Wang X H&M runway debut here:

Have you got your gloves on ready to battle it out for a piece of this coveted collection?

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