The Top 10 Most Iconic Fashion Styles of MadonnaIn celebration of the fashion icon, Madonna's birthday, we've highlighted her 10 most memorable style moments, from 80's bad girl to disco diva.

Madonna's 10 iconic styles at STYLIGHT

From brazen bride to gaudy geisha, disco diva to even an Egyptian Queen, Madonna’s ever-changing style never fails to catch our attention. Time warp with us and glimpse the crazy closet she’s acquired over the years! See the iconic looks that have challenged the norm and influenced trends, from cone bras, extraordinary patent leather boots to ‘Boy Toy’ emblems, discover more about the pop icon’s trademark looks with the infographic below:

Madonna's 10 Iconic Styles Infografic from Stylight

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Celebrating Madonna’s Life and Career

On her 56th birthday, Madonna celebrates a 34 year career, 13 albums, 22 film appearances, 10 world tours and countless fashion personas. Her style, like her music, is ever-evolving, garnering an increasing amount of fans. Even now, she breaks world records for music sales and chart-topping. Her popularity continues to reign, with industry stars such as Justin Timberlake, Nicki Minaj and Britney Spears all jumping at the chance to collaborate.

Madonna’s Style Influence

Armed with $35 and a dream, she left her hometown for the Big Apple in 1977, three decades later she’s a global sensation and an inspiration for a new wave of artists. After all, her music videos and public appearances were labeled ‘controversial’ long before Miley Cyrus was even born!

Undoubtedly the Queen of Pop, much of Madonna’s popularity is accredited to her sense of style, and its evolution. From the 1990 Blonde Ambition tour’s cone bra, the itty-bitty pink leotard she rocked in the 2005 Hung Up video to the extravagant Tom Ford clothing she is wearing preferably nowadays, it´s impossible to define a single, signature style for the diva.

She once stated: “Why do I keep reinventing myself?…I’m just acting out different parts of my personality.” Perhaps that’s why she’s also borrowed the identities of Marilyn Monroe, Marie Anotinette, Evita Peron and a certain Khaleesi, from Game of Thrones, but there’s one thing which you’ll probably see very rarely, the Queen of Pop in Baggy jeans.

Rihanna has previously cited this reinvention as one of her “biggest inspiration[s]” saying, “If I had to examine her evolution through time, I think she reinvented her clothing style and music with success every single time.”

Madonna’s Evolution Continues

She’s been the 80’s bad girl, the spiritual Kabbalah devotee, and the dancing dominatrix, all the while, awing us with her buff bod for decades. But there is something that hasn’t changed after all this time… her aspiration to rule the world; it’s been her plan since before this 1984 declaration on American Bandstand:

With rumors of a new album on the horizon we’re poised to soak up what style inspiration the diva has in store for us next! Until then, we’ll continue jamming out to our Madonna playlist on Spotify.

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